Sunday, 23 April 2017

Doctor Who — Series 10: Episode 2 — Smile

23rd April, 2017.

It has to be said … I am felling tired … !

But there you go. 

That’s what getting up at six in the morning does for … you … 


I work, on weekends: as I’m sure you’ve realised.

I usually finish at ten, on Saturday night, and start at eleven, on a Sunday.

And, given I work in Chelmsford?

Means I spend more time awake than, on Saturday night, than I do asleep.

And get to value the few nights I get to go to bed, early.

Equally, usually?

That’s Thursday and Sundays.

Except, of course?

Sundays, at the moment … ?

Well, as I’m working, on a Saturday, when the show I’ve been following for a lifetime is on?

Means watching Doctor Who … 

Tonight’s episode?

Smile … !

Smile sees the Doctor asking Bill where to go: to either past or future.

WITHOUT telling Nardole, who’s concerned the Doctor should stay on Earth.

That little challenge?

Sees the pair landing on an off-world colony: at some point in the distant future … with swarms of nanobots floating around.

And with larger units … that come with cute smiley faces.

It’s once the Bill and the Doctor get to one of the colony’s garden they start to wonder exactly where any humans have gone … 

And wondering exactly what that mineral compost is … … 


Now … 

Enjoyable … ?

Lord, yes!

Although, given how tired I feel?

I’m not going to give you an in-depth critical analyse of the episode!

I will say this … 

Smile is another good episode.   And, although it doesn’t put Bill front and centre — as The Pilot — does … ?

It does develop the relationship between the two.

AND emphasise the importance of the Vault that Nardole and the Doctor are investigating.


I think it’s safe To say that vault’s this year’s story arc.

And I’d like to know what’s behind those doors.

Green or otherwise.

Now … 

About that elephant … 

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