Sunday, 7 May 2017

Dr Who — Series 10: Episode 4 — Knock, Knock

7th May, 2017.

You know … 

I’ve actually had a Sunday off.

Or, at least, been given one off.

Work’s been cutting hours: rolling around from the winter season for its clients, to the summer season.

OK … 

Less money … 

But more time off … 

To at least do the laundry in less a rush.

Hang on … 

Just going to put a shirt on … 


But let’s be frank … you don’t want to hear about my shirts … 

This week’s episode of Dr WhoKnock, Knock, penned by Mike Bartlett and directed by Bill Anderson — sees Bill (Pearl Mackie) and five friends moving into some new accommodation.

Provided, at a knock down rent by a mysterious Landlord (David Suchet): who’s not all he seems.

It’s only when the friends move in, they start to notice the house has issues.

The plug sockets dat back to the late 1930s.

There’s no landline or internet connection.

There’s a tower the friends are forbidden to go anywhere near.

And the woodwork … ?

Creeeeeaks in a very alarming way … 

You’d think there’s dry rot, wouldn’t you … ?


Now … 

Did I enjoy Knock, Knock*?

Oh, yes!

The episode’s both entertaining and scary: and contributes to something we’ve missed in the Matt Smith years.

An intriguing, overall story arc.

Long may those factors continue!

*        There’s an old joke.
“Knock, Knock.”
“Who’s there?”
“Doctor …”

Fill in the last line, yourself …

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