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Dr Who — Series 10: Episode 7 — The Pyramid at the End of the World

28th May, 2017

You’ve been reading me a while, haven’t you … ?

At least, I hope you have!

Welcome to Nik Nak’s Old Peculiar: the YouTube channel’s over here, the Teasers’ are self explanatory … 

But, just in case you are new?

I (currently) work in a call centre in Chelmsford, I’ve been a pub quiz master in my time, I blog about whatever I feel may interest an audience … 

I like watching TV shows, as well.   If I think I can get away with it?

I’ve been following Mr Robot, just recently: just as an example.

For many years, now?

I’ve almost religiously followed Dr Who

Good, bad, thick, thin, up, down … 


Since childhood, in other words.

You notice I mentioned I work in a call centre?   Usually on a Saturday night?   

That’s right … 

That means I’ve actually watched this week’s episode, tonight … ?

Now … 

I can tell what you’re thinking.

You’re wondering what I thought of … 


The Pyramid at the End of the World opens by telling us giving us a brief summary of last week’s episode, Extremis.

Entwined with this? Is Bill having a date with Penny.

Things are going well: until the pair are interrupted.

By the Secretary General of the United Nations.

He’s got a five thousand year-old pyramid in the middle of a war zone … that wasn’t there, yesterday … 


That pyramid?

Is controlled by the Monk we first met in Extremis.

Their predictions have foreseen a time when — a year from the episode — something’s killed every plant on planet Earth.

The Monks?

Want to help humanity by preventing this.

But only with the consent of the people of earth.

The Secretary General, along with the US, Russian and Chinese armies, are quite happy to give theirs.

Although the President of Earth — the Doctor, himself — thinks that’s a seriously bad idea.

You can tell there’s trouble ahead, can’t you … ?


Now … 

Did I enjoy this particular episode?

I don’t know if I honestly could say I did.

It’s not quite as pacey as some of the earlier episodes.

On the other hand?

The Pyramid at the End of the World is part two of a series of a three episode arc: and needs to be seen in this context, I think.

It’s the dark middle episode we get, before we get the big bright climax.

And when I say dark?

I mean dark.

For a start?   There’s the simple fact the episode has an element of truth to it.   The genetically modified bacterium the two scientists are working on is identified on screen as R. planticola.   The nearest real-world equivalent, Raoultella planticola, was used in a series of genetic modification tests in the 1990s.   By the sound of the Wikipedia entry, those tests could’ve prevented some nasty results: which included the death of a significant amount of plant life.

What’s more?

The episode presents us with a crisis.   By this stage in the series, Bill has become involved with the Doctor on a very intense level: seemingly viewing him on a par with a parent she never knew.

The episodes climax turns on the fact she discovers his blindness …

And hands over the Earth to the Monks to restore his vision.

Dark … ?

Yes … !


I think I’d like to see next weeks episode.

So far, the story’s looking good …

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