Thursday, 4 May 2017

Star Trek Beyond — Fun … !

4th May, 2017.

You know … 

I’m thinking Star Wars Day might just be a little … you know … 



Or possibly not.

I couldn’t tell you.

The simple fact the jokey holiday has been floating around?

Got me thinking two things.

One?   That a Star Wars Day teaser might be just the thing.

Enjoy it, if you look in on it.

And two?

That I should watch a science fiction film.

Yes, I know you could argue watching a Star Wars one would be a appropriate.

But, as I’d the recent film, Rogue One, a couple of weeks ago, and didn’t fancy seeing again … ?

I thought something else might be the thing.

You can guess I’ve sat in with Star Trek Beyond, can’t you?


Three years into its mission?

Captain and Crew of the USS Enterprise are feeling the strain of a long mission: and put in for shore leave at the Federation base, Yorktown.

With Captain Kirk — Chris Pine — putting pin for promotion, Spock — Zachary Quinto — and Uhura — Zoe Saldana — amiable ending their relationship, and Scotty — Simon Pegg — and Dr McCoy Karl Urban, keeping up things on ship.

But the Enterprise has to leave dock on a rescue mission: when an escape pod, with one frantic occupant, arrives, claiming to have been attacked by a mysterious fleet coming out of an uncharted nebula.

It’s only when Enterprise arrives at the nebula?

It, in turn, is attacked: by a fleet of ships: led by the mysterious Krall. (Idris Elba.)

Krall?   Is after the Abronath.   It seems the vintage artefact that Kirk had originally presented as part of a peace mission … is a lot nastier that he thought.

Krall … is a man with a mission …


Now … 

What did I think … ?

I mentioned Rogue One towards the start of the post.

And, to be frank?

I think Rogue One was the better of the two films.

I also think there’s — possibly — better Star Trek films.   Not least, Wrath of KhanFirst Contact and Star Trek, the 2009 version.

On the other hand?

Star Trek Beyond is a perfectly accept film.

And, while it may not be original SF, it is exactly the kind go thing a good film — SF, Star Trek or otherwise — both riveting, fun, funny … 

And certainly kept me nailed to my seat … 

What more do I want?

Not much …

Star Trek Beyond

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