Thursday, 19 April 2018

American Horror Story — Series 5: Hotel — Episode 1: Checking In.

19th April, 2018.

OK …

A good time … ?

There’s possibly a lot that constitutes ‘a good time.’

Isn’t there?   Drunken nights out, rampant sex, artistic destruction of pianos whilst chanting “Tra-la-LA … ” … !

Or possibly not: especially if you’ve heard the original Diversion 2 mix!

My point is actually simple: in amongst the engine noises.

That’s there’s more than one way to have a good time.

On my budget?   Catching up on a favourite TV is one of them.


It’s been a while since I’ve sat down with American Horror Story.

And, going on the first episode?

Series 5, Hotel, looks interesting.

Good, over all?   I don’t know, yet.

But … 


Episode 1 — Check In —opens with two innocent Swedish tourists booking into the seed Hotel Cortez.

Only to realise:
  • Iris, the Receptionist (Kathy Bates) is REALLY unpleasant

  • The place isn’t quite as nice as it seemed online, and …

  • has humanoid, undead, murderous bedbugs.
  • In the meantime … ?

    In the meantime, Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley*) is checking out a series of grisly murders: some of which seemingly lead to the Cortez … 

    And is having trouble at home: after the disappearance of his son, Holden.

    Moving out at the insistence of his wife, Dr Alex Lowe (Chloë Sevigny).

    You wouldn’t believe where he ends up …


    OK … 

A good time … ?

    OK, beer — I don’t drink — and rampant sex — no-one’s offering! — weren’t in the offing.

    But what I caught, tonight?   Was an hour’s worth of a very adult horror show: complete with scares, lunacy, the inevitable geek-boy references†, and a look and feel that I found gorgeous.

    Roll on my next bit of time off.

    *        Edward Mortlake in Serie four, Freakshow.

    †        It’s a creepy hotel with off beat staff Jack Nicholson would be happy working with, a carpet straight off the floor of the Overlook, and vampires vaguely reminiscent of the little I know of Tony Scott’s The Hunger.

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