Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Raw: that’s more like it …

10th April, 2018.

Yep, it’s officially official.

Bell’s Palsy couldn’t stop me.

My grinding intestines?

Bloody well could!

I hate that when it happens.


It means — as I’m sure you’re aware, by now — a loss of income.

With the finances being what they are, that’s not something I can afford to miss.

I have been stuck indoors … with only a movie collection for company.

One of those movies?

Was Raw.   And I think it’s a touch better than the last film I caught … 


Raw opens with a car crash*, on a deserted tree lined road: something that only gets explained later in the film.

Then introduces us to Justine (Garance Marillier), a talented 16-year-old who’s being dropped off at vet school by her doting parents.

Only to be hazed in her first day: by a group of students that include her older sister, Alexia (Ella Rumpf).

Part of the ritual?   Included eating raw meat: something the vegetarian Justine doesn’t enjoy.

It’s only when she gets a rash — a really itchy rash — Justin starts to think she’s got issues.

And when she starts stealing hamburgers?

Things start to go down hill.


Now … ?

“… a touch better than the last film I caught …”?

Oh, yes!

You see, the last film I saw was Thelma.

Which, whilst I thought it was well made, was a touch too slowly paced for me.

Raw?   Was equally as well acted, just as well scripted … and was much better paced, moving a long at a speed that kept my interest.

Granted, Thelma maybe had more lurking in the depths: especially if one was wanting to look for it.

But Raw?   Had far more bite, a touch more action, and faster paced story.

With enough veterinary surgery, cannibalism and rough sex to keep people watching.

And a twisty little ending that should be enough to please anyone … 

Go see Raw.


*        Basically?   Alexia, Justine’s older sister, cause fatal car crashes.   Whenever she’s hungry … 

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Olga Nunez Miret said...

I think I told you that this film was recommended to me by one of my friends from Wales. To this day I'm not sure what I truly think about it, but it is not a movie easy to forget, for sure.