Saturday, 28 April 2012

The Daily Teaser — 28-4-2012

Well, wouldn’t you know it … ?

I’ve got a bit of volunteer leafleting to do, today.

And wouldn’t you know it, the weather … is looking damp to say the least.

And is predicted to be ‘wetter and windier’.

Yum … !

I think I’m definitely going to need a coat, to say the least.

A coat … and quite possibly thermal underwear … 

Let’s get moving on, shall we … ?


With Debbi off to a conference, this weekend, yesterday’s Teaser saw no-one giving the Teaser a go.

Let’s see who’s we can tempt into trying today’s questions, shall we?   Here they are, along with the ‘How To’, License and video … 

Q1) 28th April, 1948, saw the birth of Terry Pratchett: which of his regular character’s has appeared in all of his adult novels, bar the most recent … ?
Q2) More to the point, what IS his most recent novel … ?
Q3) Equally to the point … What was the name of his first published book … ?
Q4) While we’re on literature, 28th April, 1926, saw the birth of US novelist, Harper Lee: in which US state is her novel, To Kill A Mocking Bird, set … ?
Q5) 28th April, 1192, saw the assassination of Conrad 1, King of Jerusalem: by members of which group … ?
Q6) 28th April, 1920, saw Azerbaijan added to the Soviet Union: what’s Azerbaijan’s capital city … ?
Q7) And finally … 28th April, 2001, saw the world’s first space tourist go into space: what was his name … ?

And here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 27th April, 1981, saw Xerox PARC introduce the computer mouse: what does PARC stand for … ?   A1) Palo Alto Research Center.
Q2) 27th April, 1791, saw the birth of painter — and telegraphy contributor — Samuel Morse: in which year did he make the first public demonstration of his version of the telegraph … ?    A2) 1838.
Q3) 27th April, 1992, saw Betty Boothroyd named as the first female speaker of the House of Commons: in which year did she finally retire from the position … ?   A3) 2000.
Q4) More to the point what constituency did she represent … ?   A4) West Bromwich West.
Q5) 27th April, 1909, saw Sultan Abdul Hamid 2nd, overthrown: where was he Sultan of …?   A5) The Ottoman Empire.   (دَوْلَتِ عَلِيّهٔ عُثمَانِیّه, in Ottoman Turkish.)
Q6) And finally … 27th April, 1927, saw the formation of which South American country’s national police force … ?   A6) Chile.

Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later … 

After I’ve left you with Someone to Watch Over Me … 

Oh … And this speech from Hogfather … 


Mr Strict said...

1> Death... (I ♥ T.Pratchet)
2> The Long Earth.
3> The Carpet People.
4> Alabama
5> The Ḥashshāshīn claimed that Richard I of England had ordered them to do it.
6>Baku sometimes spelled as Baki or Bakou.
7>Dennis Tito.

Debbi said...

I'm so glad you posted Death's views on belief. Terry Pratchett = genius. :)

1. Death
2. Snuff
3. The Carpet People
4. Alabama
5. The Hashshashin
6. Baku
7. Dennis Tito