Friday, 20 April 2012

The Order: Salt, Bread, and the Sin Eater

Hmmmm …

And I have to admit, that’s a thoughtful ‘Hmmmm’, as well.

You see, I’ve just had a quiet night to myself: complete with a copy the 2003 film, The Order.

And have to admit, I’m mildly wondering what that was about … !


The Order — also known as The Sin Eater — sees Heath Ledger as Alex, a Roman Catholic priest from an demon hunting obscure order known as the Carolingians.

One who — on the death of Dominic, the head of the order — is summoned to Rome to help bury the body in unconsecrated ground: as the man died a suicide.

And along the way?

Find’s Dominic wasn’t suicidal, at all: and appears to have been subjected to an obscure ritual known as the ‘eating of sin’: carried out by a secular figure called — unsurprising — the Sin Eater.

Who, as it turns out … ?

Is practically immortal …

Is VERY tired of immortality, and the wealth he’s accumulated … 

And has an offer for Alex … 


Now … ?

Was I impressed with The Order … ?

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t, really.

Oh, I’ll happily admit, any one who’s a fan of the late Heath Ledger will probably find it a riveting watch.

On a personal level, I’ll have to admit to finding The Order watchable, even entertaining, on a quiet night to myself.

But not necessarily a film I’m going to recommend, unless you’ve nothing else on the DVD pile that you want to catch.

I’ll leave you seeing stars, shall I … ?
The Order★☆☆☆

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