Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The Fades: Cancelled, But Gonging …

Hmm … 

Now THAT’S a shame, that really is.

As you’ve probably realised by now, I like the odd bit of Genre television.

Mostly Dr Who and Being Human, as I’ve never managed to get started on Misfits*.

As as you’ve possibly also realised, I got rather enthusiastic about the 2011 BBC3 series, The Fades, when it was originally shown, late last year.

But was also very unsurprised to hear — via its Twitter feed — that it had been cancelled: or, at least, not taken up for a second series.

What is surprising is that the BBC, in their wisdom, have cancelled a series that has just bagged itself two BAFTA nominations, in Best Drama and Best Writer categories.

I’m mildly annoyed, to say the least: although I can’t speak for everyone, I felt it was certainly on a par, quality wise, with other series targeting that same market.

Personally … ?

Personally, I’m upset.

Not so much to be completely irrational.

But would you mind me offering up a personal opinion, here … ?

I think the cancellation, ultimately, comes down to money.

From the little I know, Dr Who is earning its way, especially in the US.   And Being Human and Misfits are both being turned into US versions.

I’m thinking that The Fades producers couldn’t sell it abroad, and thus, haven’t been able to guarantee any funding.

That’s a shame, if that’s the case.

That a lack of funding could force a show’s cancellation.

Not completely unsurprising, given the global economic situation.

But still … 

*       Possibly my loss: I’ve heard nothing but good things of the series.

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