Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The World Book Night Giveaway

Hmmm … 

You know, I’ll HAPPILY admit, yesterday was a bit of a challenge, it really was … 

No, seriously … !

You’ve probably already worked out that yesterday was both Saint George’s Day, AND World Book Night.

And that I was an OFFICIAL World Book Night giver.

In other words, I’d volunteered to hand out copies of one of 25 books.   In my case — and I’m willing to bet people who know me would’ve seen this coming —it was 24 copies of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens: possibly the world’s only completely reliable comedy about the end of the world.


Set in the modern day, Good Omens follows the adventures of Aziriphale the angel and Crowley the demon: the representatives of Heaven and Hell on Earth, since Creation*.

What their bosses don’t know is that Crowley and Aziriphale a) are rather fond of both Earth, and humanity, and b) in the finest traditions of the Cold War front line, get on better with each other than their respective managers.

The story kicks off … ?   When Crowley is given orders… and a baby he has to deliver, to a certain hospital in Surrey, run by an order of Satanic Nuns.

You’d think it would be simple, wouldn’t you?

Not the case, given the nuns in question … 


Now … 

That’s story … 

The day itself … ?

I have to admit was rather fun, and started a touch early: after all, I‘d made sure my mother and my two sisters got their free copies on Sunday night: along with my recommendation to register their copy on the World Book Night site.

On Monday itself … ?   I do know I managed to make sure all of my neighbours in my block had copies put in their letter boxes.

Which was good: I’ve had at least two poke their heads around my front door to get more details:   complete with a fascinating natter with the chap in № 12, about Alzheimer’s and heart attacks.

I also managed to take another half a dozen up to Brentwood High Street: even managing to hand a copy to our local PCSO, another couple of neighbours on Rollason Way.

And another old friend and neighbour, Faye: who quite happily admitted she was looking forward to having something to read: especially as she’s expecting her second child, this week, and wanted something to read, while she’s waiting … 


Phew … !

Now, I have to admit, I think I’ve managed to spread a little good, this week.

At least, I hope I have.

If nothing else, though, I think a few people have been given a book they wouldn’t have though of reading.

I think that’s something.

Now … 

Where DO I get rid of the last copies … ?

*        According to Archbishop James Usher and his aides, Creation was on 21st October, 4004BC.   The only logical conclusion … is that Earth’s a Libra … 

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