Sunday, 22 September 2013

Thirst: The Return Of The South Korean 99p Special

22nd September, 2013.

Hmmm … 

You know, there’s times I think you can if I’seriously serious about a film that I’ve rented: and this is something I know I’ve mentioned, before.

Quite simply … ?

You can tell how really enthusiastic about about, depending on when I start a post about it.

Started and finished on the night I’ve seen the thing?

Add an extra star.

Started on the night and finished the morning after?

Take the score as read.

Started and finished the day/night after … ?

Draw your own conclusions.


At ANY rate … ?

I meant to tell you about the South Korea, horror film I caught last night: the 2009, Park Chan-Wook directed horror film that is Thirst.

A film that caught my eye as iTunes had the rental version priced — as of yesterday — at a very reasonable 99p: something that caught my eye, as the last 99p rental I’d paid for — the 2010 film, Boy Wonder — had proven to be a sleeping giant of a film.

Something I don’t know if I can say about Thirst.

Set in the modern day, the film follows Sang-hyun, (Song Kang-ho) a Catholic priest and hospital chaplain whose life is turned upside-down, after he dies as the result of volunteering as a medical guinea-pig.

Dies … and brought back to life after receiving a blood transfusion that turns out to be carrying something more serious than the virus he’d volunteered to test.

It’s not long after his return to the normal world that he realises a thing or two.

That he’s started to get a craving for human blood: a craving that’s easily satisfied, raiding the hospital blood-bank, and longterm coma patients.

Kang-ho priding himself on never having killed, to feed.

It’s not until he’s confronted by the fact he loves his best friend’s wife — and easily breaks his priestly vow of celibacy with her — that things start to go seriously wrong.

Hmmm … am I making this sound a touch better than I thought I would, or is that me … ?


Possibly … 

At any rate, I have to admit to having mixed feelings about Thirst: I think the nights starting to draw in starting to have an effect … !

Personally, though … ?

Personally, I think I’d have to  place Thirst somewhere below a couple of other films I’ve seen recently: I felt both Boy Wonder and Shutter did the work — and got my attention — a lot more easily than Thirst: although it’s a film that does entertain.

Keep that in mind, digging your pound out of its box.

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