Monday, 30 September 2013

Working For Benefits

Hmmm … 

Have you ever watched a politician and wondered if they really know what your end of the street’s like … ?

No, really … ?

You see, it’s conference time, in the UK: when Britain’s politicians get together for their annual shindigs: the public side of which includes a lot of varied policy announcements.

Including the Work for Benefit one proposed, today, by 

Basically, the policy seems to involve making sure that those of us who fail to find a job under the Work we have to attend, will have three choices.

Either do various types of community service.

Or sign on, on a daily basis.

Or do various training courses

The training courses … ?

I’m told the training will mostly literacy courses for those of us who need them: and not much else, by the sound of things.

Something that — from the little I know — already done as a matter of course.

The second, singing on, on a daily basis … ?

To be frank, for me, that’s not too much of an issue: I only live around the corner from Brentwood Job Centre, so it wouldn’t present problems.

At least, for me.

But having to travel to Basildon, for the work programme, once a fortnight means I’m VERY aware that I have to save money for bus fare.

That those in a similar position to me — but travelling to Brentwood — will have to keep aside the fare money for those daily trips.

Which means that, even given being able to claim any money back, that that’s money they will not be able to spend on food, gas, electricity, water rates, what have you.

Then there’s the third option: that of being forced to work for one’s benefit.

Right here and now … ?

Right here and now, this proposal, to me, sounds a LOT like enforced slave labour.

Or a variation of Demanding With Menaces.

We prosecute those.

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