Friday, 24 January 2014

The Friday Question Set — 24-1-2014

Now, it has to be said, SOMETIMES … ?

Sometimes, you see unusual stuff.

And sometimes you don’t.

Which sounds a bit obvious, not I come to think of it.

I mean, there’s things out there that … 

OK, OK, to cut a long explanation short, I’ve managed to buy an incredibly odd looking potato from the fruit and veg stall in Brentwood High Street.

They’re cheap, cheerful, there come rain or shine …

And do three decent sized baking potatoes for a pound.

To be frank, I’m now turning ONE of those into roast potatoes.

After all … ?

It’s practically two spuds, as it stands …


At any rate, today — as you’re no doubt already aware — is Friday.

Which, as regular readers will realise, means it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License
Online 236

Q1) Which Girls took Sound of the Underground to No.1?
A1) Girls Aloud.
Q2) How many fish make up the star sign, Pisces?
Q2) Two.
Q3) What’s the fruity name of Gwyneth Paltrow’s daughter?
A3) Apple.
Q4) With which branch of medicine is Franz Mesmer associated?
A4) Hypnotism.
Q5) Which Labour politician was nicknamed ‘Thumper’, after having an egg thrown at him?
A5) John Prescott.
Q6) In the nursery rhyme, what did Tom, Tom, the farmer’s son, steal?
A6) A pig.
Q7) What’s the  English name for the game the Americans call Chequers?
A7) Draughts.
Q8) What is Finland’s national flower?
A8) Lily of the Valley
Q9) What do entomologists study?
A9) Insects.
Q10) What tree does the date grow on?
A10) Palm.
Q11) What’s the name of the pub, in EastEnders?
A11) The Queen Victoria.   (Accept ‘Queen Vic’)
Q12) Which Emmerdale family include Sam & Delilah?
A12) Dingle.
Q13) What, exactly, was Trevor Jordache buried under, in Brookside?
A13) The patio.
Q14) In which street is Neighbours set?
A14) Ramsey Street.
Q15) In Coronation Street, what was Cilla’s surname, before she married Les Battersby?
A15) Brown.
Q16) In which soap is there a pub called The Bull?
A16) The Archers.
Q17) Which British soap was set in a motel?
A17) Crossroads.
Q18) What was the name of the first major soap in the USA?
A18) Peyton Place.
Q19) When she left Albert Square, which country did Michelle Fowler go to?
A19) The USA.
Q20) What was the name of Jason Donovan’s character, in Neighbours?
A20) Scott Robinson.
Q21) Which cocktail would you find in a toolbox?
A21) A screwdriver.   (Vodka & Orange.)
Q22) Which grain is the Russian drink, kvass made from: rye, wheat or barley?
A22) Rye.
Q23) Drambuie is traditionally made from Scotch whiskey, and what else?
A23) Honey.
Q24) What spice is used in a whisky sling?
A24) Nugmeg.
Q25) Three ingredients are used in a Harvey Wallbanger: name one of them.   (Bonus point for one of the other two, three points for all three.)
A25) Vodka, Orange Juice, and Galliano.
Q26) What liqueur is added to brandy to turn it into a sidecar?
A26) Cointreau.
Q27) The cocktail made of rye whiskey, Angostura bitters, and vermouth, is named after which New York district, Queens, Manhatten, or Harlem?
A27) Manhatten.
Q28) The Talisker distillery is where, the Isle of Skye, the Isle of Mann or the Isle of Wight?
A28) The Isle of Skye.
Q29) Two fruit juices are used to make a whisky sour: name one of them.   (Bonus point for both.)
A29) Orange and lemon.
Q30) What type of plant is tequila made from?
A30) A cactus.
Q31) What drug is Alexander Fleming famed for discovering?
A31) Penicillin.
Q32) Röntgen discovered which rays?
A32) X-rays.
Q33) What nationality was scientist and philosher, Aristotle?
A33) Greek.
Q34) Marie Curie was one of the two discoverers of radium: what was her husband’s name?
A34) Pierre.
Q35) Which Thomas invented the lightbulb?
A35) Thomas Edison.
Q36) George Stephenson invented what type of engine?
A36) The steam engine.
Q37) What’s the name of the BBC’s Technology show, on BBC News?
A37) Click.
Q38) Which Italian painter drew early designs of the helicopter?
A38) Leonardo Da Vinci.
Q39) Who first developed shorthand: Isaac Newton, Isaac Pitman or Isaac Hayes?
A39) Isaac Pitman.
Q40) The Penny Black was the world’s first adhesive stamp.   In what way was the Penny Red a first?
A40) First stamp with perforated edges.
Q41) Which country has the driest inhabited area, on the planet?
A41) Egypt.
Q42) Which Cornish village suffered a freak flash flood, in 2004?
A42) Boscastle.
Q43) What name is given the day of the year, when the Equator is furthest from the sun?
A43) The Winter Solstice.
Q44) Which county of England is the wettest?
A44) Cumbria.
Q45) What travels faster, a cold front, or a warm front?
A45) A cold front.
Q46) Which sea, and shipping area,  is to the immediate south of Ireland?
A46) Fastnet.
Q47) Over which North American mountain range does the Chinook blow?
A47) The Rockies
Q48) Which 1990’s Eurovision winner shares their name with a devastating hurricane?
A48) Katrina, of Katrina and the Waves.
Q49) The name of which type of cloud is also the Latin word for a lock of hair?
A49) Cirrus.
Q50) What is the Fata Morgana, & in which European country would you see it?
A50) A mirage.   Italy.   (I knew there was SOMETHING I meant to edit, yesterday.   You possibly want to double check this …)
Q51) Who is the famous son of Uther Pendragon
A51) King Arthur.
Q52) Who was the last Queen to inherit the throne of the UK, prior to Queen Elizabeth 2nd?
A52) Queen Victoria.
Q53) What is the term for a fear of enclosed spaces?
A53) Claustrophobia.
Q54) What consortium runs the National Lottery?
A54) Camelot.
Q55) Which day of the week is named after the Norse god, Thor?
A55) Thursday.
Q56) What can be upside down, Ginger or Dundee?
A56) A cake.
Q57) Who said, “Am I dying beyond my means”?
A57) Oscar Wilde.
Q58) What metal melts at 30°C: Selenium, Gallium or Thorium?
A58) Gallium.
Q59) How many Sisters make up the Pleiades?
A59) Seven.
Q60) ‘Muster’ is the collective name for a group of which bird?
A60) Peacocks.
Enjoy those: I’ll see you next time …

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