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The Daily Teaser — 28-2-2014

:ZCfo wjqufiowgdyu … 

He says … !

I have to confess, it is WAY too early in the morning, to be this early in the morning … !

You remember me mentioning that I’d successfully received funding to attend a computer literacy course … ?

The moeny came through, yesterday: which means I now have the cash to get to the course.

At 9·30 in Basildon.

I’m up this early to get the bus.

And have one question … 

Could you pass me a really STRONG cuppa, please … ?

I need CAFFEINE … !!!!!


Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: along with wondering why bad guys in US TV have English accents† and bagging nine out of ten.

Let’s see how she — and you — do with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) 28th February, 1883, saw the first vaudeville theatre open in Boston.   What’s the nearest British equivalent to vaudeville: burlesque or music hall … ?
Q2) In a non leap year, 28th February is the last day of the month.   What’s the last day of February, in a leap year … ?
Q3) 28th February, 2013, saw Pope Benedict 16th’s resignation take effect.   He was the first pope to resign since which year of the 15th Century … ?
Q4) 28th February, 1820, saw the birth of illustrator, Sir John Tenniel.   Best known for his work on the works of Lewis Carroll, which satirical magazine did he draw cartoons for … ?
Q5) Finally … 28th February, 1940, saw the first televised basketball game: broadcast from Madison Square Gardens.   Name either of the teams, playing that game.
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 27th February saw Abraham Lincoln make the speech that bagged him the US presidency.   In which year of the 1860s was this … ?
A1) 1860.
Q2) In which US city was this: Chicago, Seattle or New York … ?
A2) New York.
Q3) When first elected, which US president was he: the 15th, 16th or 17th … ?
A3) 16th.
Q4) In which year was he elected President for the second time … ?
A4) 1864.
Q5) Which US party did Lincoln represent: Democrat or Republican … ?
Q6) In which year was his assassination … ?
A6) 1865.
Q7) In which Illinois town is Lincoln buried … ?
Q8) How many Oscar nominations did Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln received … ?
A8) 11.
Q9) More to the point, who plays the President, in that film … ?
Q10) In which 2012 film is President Lincoln played by Benjamin Walker … ?
As today sees the birthday of B52’s founder, Cindy Wilson, we have an excuse to sing about musical shellfish … 

And with this thought from Zero Mostel …
“And they always manage to hang you for having an interpretation. Isn’t [the theater] where your imagination should flower? Why must it always be dull as shit?”
Zero Mostel, February 28, 1915 – September 8, 1977
Enjoy your day.

*        Sorry about That, Debbi: but I’m going to have to verify the one it won, if that’s ok … ?   And yes, contacting me is fine: but here’s the comment I left you, on yesterday’s teaser …
Those are USUALLY pretty good, I’m told, the 121 training.
Of course you can discuss it: whether I’ll be much help, I don’t know, although I’ll try.   
But there’s a question or two: when you say ‘didn’t transfer over as well as they should’, what exactly do you mean … ?   I’m ASSUMING you mean you’ve lost some photos in the transfer … ?   (If the photos look like they’ve lost quality, that’s probably down to how OS X renders photos: the better the photo in the first place, the better it’ll look.)
QUITE what could’ve happened there, I’m not too sure.   The last time I transferred photos — from my old G4 to Bruce, the Mini I’ve currently got — I did the transfer myself.   I put all the photos on to a couple of blank DVDs, and, when I set up Bruce, dragged them from the DVDs, into the iPhoto library.
The same with the few songs I had in my iTunes library: I lost one or two in the process: but nothing irreplaceable.
These days, it’s all a bit different.   My iPhoto library is on my external hard drive: all I’d have to do to transfer them over is plug the drive into the new machine.
I haven’t yet: but I could ALSO do the same with my iTunes Library.
The few films and TV show episode I bought through iTunes are stored on Apples iCloud service: I can access them anywhere I choose.
From where I’m sitting, though … ?   I would have — in your shoes — transferred the lot to an external thumb drive, then copied them over onto my new machine.THAT way, any that didn’t copy … ?   I could copy them, again and retry.
JUST so I know, though: what EXACTLY happened with your old machine … ?
The reason I ask is that — if you still have it — I’d still switch it on, work out which photos and songs didn’t make over: then copy them from your old machine to a flash drive, and plug the flash drive into your new Mac.   You should be able to copy them into your iTunes and iPhoto library.   (As an extra thought … ?   Anything you’ve purchased from iTunes should still be available, through iCloud.   Any you originally imported from CD, won’t be, though: you may need to re-import them.)

†        Oh, I think that’s good old fashioned US history, Debbie.   The USA famously fought a war of independence against an incredibly evil, bloated, corrupt, deprived, oppressive empire: the British empire.   I think that’s left its mark.   Anytime the USA needs a baddie in a film‡ or TV show … ?   He’s got an English accent and a red coat … 

‡        Oh, Star Wars is a classic, there, Debbi: the baddies, bar Darth Vader, all have English accents.   And as he was turned bad by the Emperor, he doesn’t count.   (I also think it’s why the US generally prefers coffee to tea: the Boston Tea Party … )

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Debbi said...

Oh, I suppose. Far as I'm concerned, that war is all water under the bridge. :)

I think my photo and iTunes situation may be a bit complex, but I'm sure it can be fixed. So, no worries! :)

1. music hall
2. Feb. 29
3. 1415
4. Punch
5. University of Pittsburgh and Fordham

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