Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Fantastic Planet: Make of it what you will

22nd February, 2014
You know, I actually had a spare evening.

No, really.

Absolutely no cash money to go and spend.

But I actually had some free time — he says, with no discernible trace of irony — and a few films to catch up on.

A whole external drive full, in fact.

Yes, I know I’ve been renting a fair few, now, from iTunes: the iTunes Genius feature is very helpful at suggesting news ones I may like, and come up trumps a time or two.

On the other hand … ?

On the other hand, I’ve a collection of films on my external drive: digital ones from my now long gone movie collection.   Some of which I’d seen: some of which I hadn’t.

Given that I’ve a new Apple TV — an Apple produced set-top box — I felt it was time to experiment with its streaming abilities.

By copying a film across from my external drive over to iTunes, turning my TV set over to ‘HDMI’ … 

And using the Apple TV’s oh-so-Front-Row-like interface to watch a film.

At ANY rate: I had a film on that external drive that I wanted to watch.   The 1973, René Laloux directed and co-written animation that is The Fantastic Planet.

And it’s … 

Hmmm … 


23rd February, 2014.
And yes: I think Hmmm

Let me see what I can tell you …

Set in an unnamed future, The Fantastic Planet shows us a world occupied by a race called the Traags: a highly advanced, giant humanoid species who keep humans as pets.

And as wildlife in local parks.

It also shows us the bond between Tiva, a Traag child, and Terr, her pet Om*: bringing up and forming a bond with, her pet.

Until one day … ?

One day Terr escapes: after absorbing a lot of Traag knowledge, as Tiva had held him whilst receiving lessons through an advanced headset.

Escapes …

And joins a tribe of wild Oms.

Which is where things start to go badly for the Oms in the park …


Now …

Hmmm’ …

I have to admit, I saw The Fantastic Planet mentioned in a list of stand out sci-fi films: and don’t I wish I could find that, again?

I’d love to find out where it was on that list!

But where it actually WAS … ?

Well, I was impressed enough with the list — and the films on it — to want to rent them, at some point.

Fantastic Planet was one of them.

Don’t get me wrong: this is an well made film.

But, for the life of me, it’s also one I felt little emotional involvement with, despite having an unwatched copy in my collection for so long.

The length of time that it had remained unwatched should maybe have told me what my subconscious was trying to tell me: that it wasn’t a film I’d find to my taste.

Please bear that in mind if you decide to rent or buy it.

Being beautifully drawn does not mean it’s going to appeal to everyone.
Fantastic Planet

*        The name the Traags give to both wild and domesticated humans.

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