Saturday, 27 September 2014

Dr Who — Episode 6: The Caretaker

Oh, now wait a minute … !

Tonight’s episode of Dr Who … ?

That’s what I CALL an episode of Dr Who … !

No, really … !!

Whoa, whoa … 

I think I’d better do some explaining, hadn’t I … ?

Yes … 

I think I’d better.

The Caretaker, the sixth episode of series 8 of Doctor Who, opens with the Doctor dropping Clara off, back on Earth, after a frenetic opening pre-title season.

And in the opening minutes of The Caretaker tells Clara to take some time off: as he has to go deeply undercover.

Without telling Clara where.

It’s only when she, Danny and the rest of the Coal Hill School staff are preparing for the morning’s assembly, that the school’s headmaster introduces the new — albeit temporary — caretaker: Mr John Smith.

Who Clara feels she vaguely recognises.


Once Clara get’s over the shock … ?

Once Clara get’s over the shock, is when she starts demanding answers.

To find out her school is threatened.  By a hideously dangerous thing called … 

The Skovox Blitzer* … 


Now … 

Calling it a Dr Who episode … ?!

Yes, OK, maybe I got just a TOUCH carried away, there.

But I feel that The Caretaker is is light and frothy: light and frothy, in much the same way as Robot Of Sherwood was.

But … ?

But I personally believe that The Caretaker is a far superior episode: contributing, as it does to the ongoing Clara and Danny arc, whilst simultaneously introducing the men in Clara’s life to each other.

Set the two up for antagonistic, but respectful friendship.

Robot Of Sherwood was all froth.

The Caretaker, with a wittier ancillary cast, and far more onboard zest?

Has substance.

*        I want one of them for Christmas … !!!!!!

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