Saturday, 6 September 2014

Dr Who Series 8 Episode 3: Robot Of Sherwood

You know, technology changes … 

And yet STILL … ?

Still things stay the same.

I ’ve possibly mentioned before now that I’m happy to record stuff that’s on TV: and keep hold of those recording until such time as I’m able to get a suitable DVD box set.

And … ?

Well, up until a few years ago, I’d quite happily record those shows to a blank DVD: and then use HandBrake to transcode the results into something I could watch later: on whatever device I happened to favour.

There’s a FEW settings, before you ask.

At ANY rate, it’s still something I tend to do.

Even thought, these days, the ‘recording’ is on a USB flash memory stick.

I’m still using HandBrake: possibly the most versatile thing of it’s kind doing the rounds.


At ANY rate, you’re going to ask me, aren’t you … ?

Why on EARTH have I mentioned HandBrake … ?

Well, it’s my default ripper: for when I’m recording stuff from TV, to either watch later.

Or, at least, until I can get a version on DVD or from an OnDemand service, like iTunes.

The programme in question, of course, was today’s episode of Dr Who: the Mark Gatiss penned, Robot of Sherwood.

I think I can safely say there were no scenes of Daleks getting blown up by Ninja Turtles.

I think I’ll have a disappointed nephew … 

Disappointed …

Because I think he’s keen on one idea, at the moment.


Jude want’s to see Daleks getting blown up …

By Ninja Turtles

Somehow … ?

I don’t think that was going to be tonight’s episode …

Ahem … !


Set not long after last weeks Inside The Dalek, Robot Of Sherwood opens by showing us the Doctor and Clara happily discussing where they should go next.   With Clara telling the Doctor she wants to meet …

Robin Hood … !

There’s only one problem.

The simple fact the Doctor swears blind that Robin Hood doesn’t exist.

Which can only mean one thing.

A fight, on a log over a stream, between the real, sword wielding Robin Hood …

And a Doctor armed only … with a spoon  … !

That’s not the problem.

The problem comes when — inevitably — the time comes for Robin to attend a noted archery contest: with a Golden Arrow as a prize.

You can see trouble coming, from here, can’t you?

Especially as the Sheriff’s guards turn out to be a little more threatening than you’d think.


At any rate … ?

At any rate, I have to admit, I think tonight’s episode was … OK, maybe not as Frivolous as Mark Gatiss has been quoted as saying.

But it’s definitely NOT the dark openers that first two episode of Series Eight have been.

Robot of Sherwood is a light piece, although it follows Deep Breath down the edited road.

Although, where Deep Breath had THAT scene cut, to avoid causing offence in Middle East, Robot of Sherwood had part of the climactic fight scene cut: after concerns it would cause offence in the wake of the deaths of James Foley and Steven Sotloff.

I can’t help but be vaguely offended by that: even though I can understand the reasoning.

Either way … ?

Either way, it doesn’t do MUCH damage, as things stand: even though it leaves out the fact the Sheriff’s a cyborg.

I can only hope the footage is restored, come the DVD release!

Still, onwards and upwards: here’s looking forward to next week … 

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