Thursday, 11 September 2014

The Daily Teaser — 11-9-2014

Right … That’s the plan for today roughed out!

Did I mention — last week — that I was due a visit from a plumber?

Who didn’t turn up.

Apparently, they’d received a couple of emergency call outs: although my personal suspicion is that they couldn’t find a parking space.

Well: I managed to make another appointment for today.   The plumber should be looking at that u-bend, at some point between two and four, this afternoon.

Here’s hoping they get here.

I need that bucket to flush the loo … !

But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring ten out of ten.

Let’s see how every does with todays questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) 11th September, 1914, saw the birth of Pavle: who grew up to become Patriarch — or formal head — of which European country’s church … ?
Q2) 11th September, 1978, saw the death of Janet Parker.   Ms Parker was the last person to die of which disease … ?
Q3) 11th September, 2013, saw the forming of the Catalan Way human chain: to highlight the desire for Catalonian independence.   Catalonia is part of which European country … ?
Q4) 11th September saw Scotland vote in favour of having a devolved parliament.   In which year?
Q5) Scotland votes on its independence from the rest of the UK: in which year?
Q6) Finally … 11th September, 1998, saw the Opening Ceremony of the 1998 Commonwealth Games.   In which country were the 1998 Games held … ?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 10th September, 2008, saw the Large Hadron Collider, powered up.   In which Swiss city … ?
A1) Geneva.
Q2) The Collider is operated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research: also known as what?
A2) CERN.   (It’s from the organization’s original French name: Conseil Européen pour la Recherche Nucléaire, which has since changed to Organisation Européenne pour la Recherche Nucléaire.)
Q3) The collider was switched off, nine days after being switched on: after a leak of liquid Helium.   What was the Helium used for: cooling, heating or superconducting?
A3) Cooling: it was used in the various cooling devices in the magnets that steer the particle beams.
Q4) In 2012, the Collider contributed to the discovery of a new sub-atomic particle.  Which particle: the Wiggs bosun, the Jiggs poisson or Higgs boson?
A4) The Higgs boson.   (It’s a sub-atomic particle: poisson is the French word for fish and a bosun — or boatswain — is a senior deck officer, on a ship.)
Q5) The LHC Computer Grid provides computer analysis for the Collider project.   As of 2012 it contains 170 computer centers: in how many countries?
A5) 36.
Q6) As of 2012, that computer grid was analysing how much data per year:  25 megabytes, 25 gigabytes or 25 petabytes?
A6) 25 petabytes.   (One megabyte is about a minutes worth of music, in mp3 format: or a 500-page book.   One gigabyte is (roughly) 1000 megabytes. One petabyte is 1000 gigabytes.)
Q7) In 2011, experiments at the Collider showed particles traveling faster than what … ?
A7) Light.   (Apparently, the problem was due to a faulty GPS connector.   Someone say SOMETHING … !)
Q8) One experimental group that uses the Collider is A Large Ion Collider Experiment.   The experiment’s also known under which girl’s name … ?
A8) Alice.   ALICE is also one of the few scientific experiments you can sing about …
Q9) 2011 saw quark-gluon plasma created at the Collider.   Quark-gluon plasma is the densest kind of matter findable, out side of a what: a white dwarf, quasar or black hole?
A9) A black hole.
Q10) Finally … Which Dan Brown novel features antimatter made by the Collider?
I’ll leave you with this tune … 

And this thought …
“My God, these folks don’t know how to love — that’s why they love so easily.”
D. H. Lawrence, 11 September 1885 – 2 March 1930.
Enjoy your day … !

*        Talking of Star Trek, Debbi: did I tell you I’m reading John M. Ford’s The Final Reflection … ?   It’s one of the tie-in novels, from the 1980s: it’s the first thing I can remember that put the Klingons in a positive light.

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Debbi said...

Really? Interesting. I'm reading Reboot. Fascinating book.

1. Serbia
2. smallpox
3. Spain
4. 1997
5. 2014
6. Malaysia

Wait 'til I launch my new YouTube channel. I think you'll like one of my ideas for a video: "Dear God! I think I'm secretly British." The instructor of the Webinar I'm taking loved it! :)