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The Friday Question Set — 12-9-2014

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After all, it’s Friday.

Which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set: here’s this week’s, covered by the usual Creative Commons License*
Online 265
Q1) Which sea is north of Turkey?
A1) The Black Sea.
Q2) What colour are the flowers of the Saint John’s Wort?
Q2) Yellow.
Q3) Andrés Segovia was associated with which stringed instrument?
A3) The guitar.
Q4) Cold meat & cold potatoes are the two main ingredients of which dish?
Q5) Which king is supposed to have hidden in a tree after the Battle of Worcester?
Q6) Heriot Watt University is in which Scottish City?
A6) Edinburgh.
Q7) What does a theodolite measure?
A7) Angles.
Q8) Which poisonous gas is given off from a car’s exhaust pipe?
Q9) Which motorway goes from east to west, across the Pennines?
A9) The M62.
Q10) Workers, drones, and queens are varieties of which insect?
A10) Bees.
Q11) In which Lancashire town was the first test tube baby born in 1978?
A11) Oldham.   (Louise Brown)
Q12) In which country did the study of geometry originate?
A12) Egypt.
Q13) When was chewing-gum first patented - 1869, 1899 or 1919?
A13) 1869.   People chewed gum long before this, as far back as the ancient Greeks.   According to scientists, people who chew gum while performing memory tests (such as quizzes) score significantly higher than those who do not.
Q14) Oxides of two chemicals create acid rain: name either.
A14) Nitrogen and sulphur.
Q15) Which letter is positioned between F and H on a computer keyboard?
A15) G.
.Q16) What is thanatology the scientific study of: death, old age or taxes?
A16) Death.
Q17) The vernal equinox marks the end of which season, in the northern hemisphere?
A17) Winter.
Q18) What does the mathematical symbol comprising a triangle of three dots mean?
A18) Therefore.
Q19) Soyuz was the name of a Russian spacecraft, but what does the name mean: union, league or flight?
A19) Union.
Q20) Bright’s disease affects which organs of the body: the liver, the kidneys, or the spleen?
A20) The Kidneys.
Q21) Which song did Doris Day sing in three different films?
A21) Que Sera, Sera.
Q22) Alan Alda was the only actor to appear in the film, and TV version of which comedy?
A22) M•A•S•H  He played Hawkeye Pierce.
Q23) In the Star Wars series, what sort of creature was Chewbacca?
A23) A Wookie.
Q24) Film actor Ronald Moodnick is better known as which cast-member of the film Oliver?
A24) Ron Moody.
Q25) Which Disney character sang Some Day My Prince Will Come?
A25) Snow White.
Q26) Which British actor provided the voice of the evil Scar in Disney’s The Lion King?
A26) Jeremy Irons.
Q27) Susi und Strolch and La Belle et Le Clochard were, respectively, the German & French title of which Disney film?
A27) Lady and the Tramp.
Q28) In which Walt Disney classic would you find the three fairies Flora, Fauna and Merryweather?
A28) Sleeping Beauty.
Q29) Which cartoon bird  made his cinematic debut in Walky Talky Hawky in 1946?
A29) Foghorn Leghorn (full name Foghorn J. Leghorn).
Q30) Which British star married the former Miss Guyana in 1973?
A30) Michael Caine.
Q31) Which Martina was Wimbledon’s most successful women’s champion?
A31) Martina Navratilova.
Q32) Sir I. V. A Richards was better known as which West Indies cricketer?
A32) Viv Richards (Isaac Vivian Alexander)
Q33) Was Kristina Egerszegi cold, or wet, when she won her 5 Olympic Gold medals?
A33) Wet: she was a swimmer.
Q34) Jack Dempsey was a heavyweight … what?
A34) Boxer.
Q35) Which Steve was knighted, after the 2000 Olympics?
A35) Steve Redgrave.
Q36) How often is the Epsom Derby held?
A36) Annually.
Q37) What shape is a dartboard?
A37) Circular.
Q38) In what colour shirts do India play floodlit matches?
A38) Blue.
Q39) In which decade was the Rugby League World Cup first held: the 50s, 60s or 70s?
A39) The 1950s.
Q40) Glen Hoddle finished his playing career with which club?
A40) Chelsea.
Q41) What egg-shaped nursery-rhyme character appears in Alice Through The Looking Glass?
A41) Humpty Dumpty.
Q42) What was the second book, in Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series?
A42) The Light Fantastic.
Q43) Mrs Beeton famously wrote about cookery.   What was her first name: Isabella, Arabella or Bella Donna?
A43) Isabella.
Q44) Are Penguin books paperbacks, or hardbacks?
A44) Paperbacks.
Q45) Three of the four Gospels are known as Synoptic.   Name one of them.
A45) Matthew, Mark, Or Luke.
Q46) Who wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit?
A46) Beatrix Potter.
Q47) The Muslim Holy Book is called The Qu’ran: what is ‘Qu’ran’ the Arabic word for?
A47) Recite.
Q48) In which year of the 1880’s was the first Sherlock Holmes story published?
A48) 1887.
Q49) In which French city did Oscar Wilde die?
A49) Paris.
Q50) What blinded most of the characters in the Day of the Triffids: a comet, an explosion or poisoned tap water?
A50) A comet.
Q51) In 2005, what type of Russian vessel was trapped off the Kamchatka peninsular?
A51) A submarine.
Q52) What kind of garment is a montero?
A52) A cap.
Q53) According to the old proverb, what is the road to hell paved with?
Q54) Who wrote The Bald Prima Donna:Eugene Ionesco, Seamus Heaney or Harold Pinter?
Q55) Which biblical figure had a coat of many colours?
A55) Joseph.
Q56) What word can follow ‘band’, ‘mass’, & ‘pass’?
A56) Age.’  (Bandage massage, passage.)
Q57) In February of 2006, Marks & Spenser started selling a red version of which fruit?
A57) Bananas.
Q58) If it’s 12 noon GMT, what time is it in Oslo?
A58) 01:00 PM.
Q59) How many wives are you allowed, under Sharia law?
A59) Four.
Q60) In which London Park would you ride along Rotten Row?
A60) Hyde Park.
Enjoy those: I’ll catch you next time.

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