Tuesday, 24 February 2015

The Amazing Spiderman 2: Nice!

23rd February, 2015.
Pheeeew … !

It has to be said, it feels good to have watched a film.

No, really!

If you’ve been following me for a while — I hope you have — you’d realise that … 

Well, I’m not a film fan.

Or buff.   Or maven.   Or scholar.   Or what have you.

Definitely not.

In point of fact, I think I’d be vaguely offended if you used the term of me.

No.   The way I see myself … ?   Is simply as someone who enjoys watching films.

And watching a film … ?   Watching a film is something I managed to do tonight.

You’d guessed, hadn’t you?

It’s not like the The Amazing Spiderman 2 poster is inconspicuous, now is it … ?


At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, you’re now officially informed: and know I like to watch a movie: when things are quiet.

Tonight … ?  Was/is quiet.   I wasn’t expecting company, I’m up to date on the #Teaser front, and Gotham* is still — very annoyingly — still on hiatus, here in the UK: despite having resumed over in the US.

At ANY rate … ?

I had a quiet evening lined up: unless I wanted to sit staring at the otherwise excellent collection of screen-savers provided by Xscreensavers.

Which would only be entertaining if I’d taken a mild hallucinogen.

Or felt REALLY geeky.

My other choice, of course?

Was either renting something from iTunes.   Tempting: but as I’d left it comparatively late, I felt looking around on the store would be an unproductive use of my time.

So?   I went for the other option: digging around in my collection, to see what I had going.

I had a few things.   Starred Up I wasn’t sure or: nor was I itching to see 47 RoninMachete or Paschendæle, just as yet.

So … ?

I went for the also unwatched The Amazing Spiderman 2: I fancied something light and frothy.

I THINK I got that … 


Set some time after the original, The Amazing Spiderman 2 sees Andrew Garfield returning as the wise-cracking web slinger: opening with lots of action, as Spidey tracks — and halts — a plutonium transport that’s been hijacked by Russian gangsters.

It’s during this, that Spiderman/Peter Parker get’s a call from his girlfriend, Gwen — Emma Stone — to remind him he’s late: both for her big graduation speech, and for dinner.

It’s only after getting there, he realises one thing.   That he and Gwen should split.

His life as Spiderman is putting the young woman he loves into incredible danger.

At this stage … ?   By this stage of events, Spiderman has rescued Max (Jamie Foxx): an otherwise inoffensive Oscorp worker, during the truck hijacking.


Max has to stay late, at work.

Where a late night repair of a high voltage cable, near a fish tank of mutated electric eels goes very wrong.


Now … 

Light and frothy … ?

Yeeees … 

Yes, I think we can say The Amazing Spiderman 2 is light: although, with the death — at the end — of Stone’s character, the film does have it’s darker moments.

But for all that?   For all that, The Amazing Spiderman 2, much like its predecessor, is both entertaining, and very good value for money.

It’s just a shame — to me — that there may not be any more coming.

Cie La Vie!
The Amazing Spiderman 2

*        Something many US TV channels have done, in the past few years, is have a mid-season hiatus: in order to charge more money to advertisers.   As an additional measure — to combat the online piracy of popular TV shows, like Gotham or Game Of Thrones — most insist that foreign channels show the things, not long after the original US broadcast.   The net delay to Gotham’s UK broadcast is — for me, at least — very frustrating.   To the point where I’ve been seriously considering abandoning Gotham.

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