Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Daily Teaser — 17-2-2015

Oh, now, that’s a disappointment.

You know I’d been watching Gotham, when Channel Five aired the first half, late last year?

Disappointingly?   It wasn’t on, again, this week.

Which left me feeling furious.

Thankfully … ?   Channel Five have just announced the show’s second half will be aired in March of this year: some three weeks after it’s airing in the US.

I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for it.   However?   This mid-season break has left me feeling very angry.

And thinking “Should I bother watching a second series, if, as and when it airs?   OR other US series?”

Off the top of my head?

I’m thinking “No”.

That mid-season hiatus is just too off-putting.


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring six out of six.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video … 

Q1) 17th February, 1864, saw the H. L. Hunley sink the USS Housatonic: during the US Civil War.   What was the H. L. Hunley?
Q2) 17th February, 2003, saw the start of the London Congestion Charge.   What road is on the Zone’s northernmost border: Euston Road, Pentonville Road or City Road?
Q3) 17th February, 1996, saw Gary Kasparov beat the Deep Blue supercomputer: at Chess.   What was the score?
Q4) 17th February, 2015, is the date for Mardi Gras.   The phrase, Mardi Gras, translate into English as ‘Fat … ’ what?
Q5) Finally … 17th February, 1974, saw Private Robert K. Preston land what on the lawn of the White House?
Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 16th February, 1957, saw the birth of actor, LeVar Burton.   He originally found fame in which 1977 miniseries?
A1) Roots.
Q2) 16th February is a public holiday in one Asian country: celebrating the birth of former leader, Kim Jong-il.   Which country are we talking about?
Q3) 16th February, 1985, saw the resignation of civil servant, Clive Ponting.   Mr Ponting had revealed details about the British sinking of which Argentinian ship?
Q4) The sinking was during which conflict?
A4) The Falklands War.
Q5) 16th February, 1923, saw Howard Carter unseal whose burial chamber?
A5) Tutankhamun’s.   (Known — during his reign — as Nebkheperure.)
Q6) Finally … 16th February, 1968, saw the introduction of the US’s 911 emergency phone number.   Name either of the UK equivalents.
A6) 999 and 112.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“There is no more terrible fate for a comedian than to be taken seriously.”

Barry Humphries, born 17 February 1934.
And this tune … 

Have a good day … !

*        Got to admit, I’ve got William Gibson’s The Peripheral lined up, for after Assassin’s Quest.   I’m looking forward to it.   William Gibson† does a good job of combining old school noir, with new school tech.

†        You know, I get the impression he’s a leftie, with a Mac.   No complaints, there, then … 

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Debbi said...

He does!

1. a Confederate submarine
2. Pentonville Road
3. 4-2
4. Tuesday
5. helicopter