Monday, 2 February 2015

The Daily Teaser — 2-2-2015: Groundhog Day

You know, I’m starting to think those of us who talk of global warming have a point.

After all, it’s February.

February: and I think I’ve woken up to what feel’s like this part of the UK’s coldest morning for a long time.

Frankly … ?

Well, frankly, I think my weather app agrees with me: it isn’t warm … !

To be equally honest … ?   To be equally honest, I’m pretty sure that — when I was younger — this part of the UK used to get that sort of temperature, in December: rather than late January/early February.

I’m sure I can remember snow, too.

Still … ?

It’s cold … but sunny.

There’s no snow, at the mo.

Frankly … ?

It could be warmer: but it could be worse … 


But let’s move on, shall we?

Yesterday’s Teaser saws Debbi* putting in her answers: and scoring four out of five.

Let’s see how everyone does with today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the How ToLicense and video

Q1) In the US and Canada, 2nd February is Groundhog Day.   What is a Groundhog: a rodent, snake or monkey?
Q2) The groundhog is also known as what: a money squirrel, a wood chuck or a cave badger?
Q3) Do groundhogs hibernate?
Q4) According to tradition, if it’s cloudy weather when a groundhog emerges on Groundhog Day, then what, will come early: spring, summer or autumn?
Q5) The UK has a similar weather related day: in July.   What Saint is the day named for?
Q6) The largest Groundhog Day celebration is held in Punxsutawney.   Punxsutawney is in which US state: Connecticut, Pennsylvania or Maryland?
Q7) The groundhog in Punxsutawney is called Punxsutawney … who: Phil, Paul or Pat?
Q8) In some Groundhog Day celebrations, you’re only allowed to speak Pennsylvania Dutch.   Pennsylvania Dutch is a version of which European language?
Q9) What’s Groundhog Day called in the US state of Alaska?
Q10) Finally … who plays the main character in the 1993 film, Groundhog Day†?

Here’s yesterday’s questions and answers …
Q1) 1st February, 2013, saw the opening — to the public — of the European Union’s tallest building.   Which London building is it?
A1) The Shard.
Q2) 1st February, 1974, saw the city of Kuala Lumpur named as a Federal territory.   Kuala Lumpur is the capital city of where?
A2) Malaysia.
Q3) 1st February, 1884, saw the initial publication of the first part of the Oxford English Dictionary.   What — alphabetically — is the first entry in the modern, online, OED?
A3) The letter, A.
Q4) 1st February, 1996, saw the US Senate pass the Communications Decency Act.   The Senate intended the act to regulate what on the Internet?
Q5) Finally … 1st February, 1908, saw the assassination of King Carlos 1st.   Which European country was he the king of?
A5) Portugal.
I’ll leave you with this thought …
“It always seemed ironic to me that it didn’t lead people to recognize the commonality of all their points of view, but rather, ‘This must be about us and only us.’”
Harold Ramis, director of Groundhog Day.
And this video … 

Enjoy your day … !

*        Absolutely!   (Oh, by the way, Debbi: it’s Monday.   And there’s STILL no Gotham … !   Ye GODS!)

†        Suddenly, a thought occurs: this tune’s EXACTLY the thing …

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Debbi said...

Man! We've been watching it. Hope it comes soon.

1. a rodent
2. a wood chuck
3. a burrow below the frost line
4. spring
5. Swithin
6. Pennsylvania
7. Phil
8. German
9. Marmot Day
10. Bill Murray