Tuesday, 10 May 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episode 6 (Chapter 32)

You know, my guts, right at the mo … ?

Are starting to twinge, just a little.

Right now?

I’m hoping to be able to pop some of the medication I’ve been prescribed for it, in order to deal with things.

Or, at least, help my innards settle down!

Frankly … ?

I like work.  I like the job, the co-workers, the pay … !

I like the fact I’m actually managing to save up cash: even on my limited wages.

Still … 

The fact I’ve had a day off, today, means I’ve been at home.

At home … 

And able to catch up with my current ‘must-see’ TV series.

If’s you HADN’T worked out I’m on series three of House of Cards?

That’s sort of why I’m writing these things.

I like telling people about this stuff!

Episode 6 sees Frank and Claire travelling to Moscow: on a state visit to negotiate military placements in the Jordan Valley, and to try and negotiate the freedom of Michael Corrigan (Christian Camago), a gay rights protestor held in a state prison.

Whilst Frank and President Viktor Petrov (Lars Mikkelsen) negotiate in his office?   Claire tries to convince Corrigan that his only way out is to read out an apology: one written by Russia.

Something Corrigan refuses to do.

It’s only in the morning, Claire discovers what Corrigan’s decision has been.

He’s hung himself … 

With her scarf … 

Something that prompts Claire to defend the actions that got Corrigan arrested.

And condemn President Petrov: at the press conference where all three were due to announce his release.

Talk about your diplomatic incident.


Now … 

Is Series three looking good?

I know some critics has not quite taken to this particular series of House of Cards.

Personally, though?

I’ve just sat through Episode 6: a story that sees Claire and Frank taken on extremely passionate head to head conversations: to try and resolve an international situation.

And having their most heated argument as a result.


From what I’ve seen of the series, thus far, House of Cards series three is as watchable as the rest of the series.

Episode six, though?

Is a highlight.

Keep watching it, folks!

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