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The Friday Question Set — 6-4-2016

Right … 

JUST to make things clear, here … ?

I’ve got a Friday off … !

And what I WANT to do with it … ?

Well, several things.

But …

i) I don’t think Maria Sharapova’s going to be interested in me.
ii) I’d LIKE to find a decent coffee shop, and spend time, there, with a halfway decent laptop: except most of them would be closed by now.
And iii) I’ve got a few things I’d like to watch on TV: once the politicians shut up!


But it’s Friday.

Which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set.

Here’s this week’s: covered by the usual Creative Commons License* … 


Q1) The US civil war started in which year: 1860, 1861 or 1862?
A1) 1861.

Q2) What’s Britain’s most northerly shipping area: Faroes, Fair Isle, or Bailey?
Q2) Faroes.

Q3) The Tripitaka is the holy book of which religion: Sikhism, Buddhism or Jainism
A3) Buddhism.

Q4) If something gets described as ‘Lupine’, what animal is it being compared to?
A4) A wolf.

Q5) A plutocracy is a country ruled by whom: the rich, the old or the men?
A5) The wealthy.

Q6) Who won the FA Cup, in 1949?
A6) Wolverhampton Wanderers.

Q7) How much can you inherit in Monopoly, according to the Community Chest Card?
A7) £100.

Q8) Which lord reported on the Brixton Riots of 1981?
A8) Lord Scarman.

Q9) Androphobia is the fear of who: men, women or children?
A9) Men.

Q10) Malcolm Little was better known as which political activist?
A10) Malcolm X.


Q11) Rennet is used in the making of cheese; – but from what part of the cow is it usually made; – the stomach, the hooves, or the horns?
A11) The Stomach.

Q12) What sort of drink is Volvic?
A12) Mineral water.

Q13) Thiamin is also known as which B vitamin, B1, B2, or B12?
A13) Vitamin B1.

Q14) What sort of nut goes into Pesto; – pine nuts, peanuts, or almonds?
A14) Pine nuts.

Q15) Wormwood goes into which notoriously powerful drink, absinthe, or tequila?
A15) Absinthe.

Q16) In which famous restaurant did the French chef Escoffier begin his career?
A16) The Moulin Rouge.

Q17) What utensil do the Chinese call ‘Lively Fellows’?
A17) Chop Sticks.

Q18) What is a Blue Vinney: a mushroom, cheese or shellfish?
A18) A cheese.

Q19) Morel & Oyster are edible types of what?
A19) Mushrooms.

Q20) Which fruit can be cantaloupe, water, or honeydew?
A20) A melon.


Q21) 2016 marks which anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death: the 200th, 300th or 400th?
A21) The 400th.

Q22) This means he died in which year?
A22) 1616.

Q23) He was born — and christened — in which year?
A23) 1564.

Q24) Shakespeare was married in 1584.   To Anne … who?
A24) Anne Hathaway.

Q25) They had three children.   Name any one of those children.
A25) Susanna, Hamnet or Judith.

Q26) The Fair Youth, the Dark Lady and the Rival Poet, all feature in Shakespeare’s what?
A26) Sonnets.

Q27) Two plays are said to have been written by Shakespeare: and subsequently lost.   Name either.
A27) Love’s Labour’s Won or The History of Cardenio.   (The latter is said to be based on work by Miguel de Cervantes, who died on 22rd April, 1616, the day before the Bard.   The latter is the play the Bard was supposed to have been trying to write, in Dr Who episode, The Shakespeare Code.)

Q28) Troilus and Cressida, Romeo And Juliet and King Lear are Shakespearean what: comedies, histories or tragedies?
A28) a href="">Tragedies

Q29) Antonio, Portia and Shylock appear in which of Shakespeare’s plays?

Q30) Which of Shakespeare’s plays opens with the line “Now is the winter of our discontent,”?


Q31) I Could Be So Good For You was the theme tune to which TV show?
A31) Minder”.

Q32) Caroline Ahearne was the star of Mrs Merton, and which other comedy show?
A32) The Royale Family.

Q33) Which TV detective worked for Radio West?
A33) Eddie Shoestring.

Q34) Complete the following line from The Two Ronnies; – “It’s goodnight from me…”
A34) “…and it’s Goodnight from him.”

Q35) Lynda LaPlante created, and Helen Mirrim played, which TV detective?
A35) Jane Tennyson.

Q36) Barnacle Bill is the theme tune to which long–running children’s TV show?
A36) Blue Peter.

Q37) Which former Monty Python star tried copying Phineas Fogg, for a TV travel documentary?
A37) Michael Palin.   (In Around The World In 80 Days.)

Q38) Which gameshow did Jim Bowen present?
A38) Bullseye.

Q39) Which James bond actor found fame in the 60s TV version of The Saint?
A39) Roger Moore.

Q40) Benedict Cumberbatch, Jeremy Brett and Johnny Lee Miller, have all played TV versions … of whom?


Q41) 7 is a Prime number: in other words, it’s only exactly dividable by itself: and what other number?
A41) One.   (1)

Q42) True or False: 7 is a Fibonacci number.
A42) False.   (Fibonacci numbers are part of a sequence — starting with zero and one — where each number is the sum of the previous two: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on.   As you can see from the first few members, seven isn’t one of them.)

Q43) What are the chances of rolling a seven, on two standard, six sided dice: 1 in 6, 1 in 8 or 1 in 10?
A43) 1 in 6:  the same chance you have of rolling a double.   (There are 36 possible combinations of rolls.   Rolls that add up to  seven makes up six of those possible combinations: 1 and 6, 6 and 1, 2 and 5, 5 and 2, 3 and 4 and 4 and 3. Six chances in thirty-six is, mathematically, equivalent to one in six.)

Q44) What name is given to a seven-side, two dimensional, shape: a heptagon, a septagon or a septisimal?
A44) A heptagon.

Q45) Write the number seven … in binary.
A45) 111.   (Binary only uses zeroes and ones to make up a number: showing ‘7’ as ‘111’ tells us that seven is made of 1 four, 1 two and 1 one.   If you’re reading the online version of this, I’ll include a link to the Wikipedia page about binary notation: here.)

Q46) In Jewish tradition, what’s the seventh day of the week?
A46) Saturday.   (Some forms of Christianity — notably the Seventh Day Adventists — share this view.)

Q47) What’s 7 squared?
A47) 49.   (It can also be written as 7 to the power of 2, or 7^2, or 7².)

Q48) The Lotus 7 car features in the opening titles of which TV series: ‘The Fugitive,’ ‘The Prisoner’ or ‘The Avengers’?
A48) The Prisoner’.

Q49) Name any one of the seven hills of Rome.
A49) The Aventine, Caelian, Capitoline, Esquiline, Palatine, Quirinal and Viminal.   (The Vatican Hill, Pincian Hill and Janiculum Hill aren’t usually counted amongst the hills: as they are outside the ancient city walls.)

Q50) The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros feature in which series of books: The Lord Of The Rings, A Song OF Fire and Ice or Terry Pratchett’s Discworld?
A50) George R. R. Martin’s A Song OF Fire and Ice: the associated TV series takes its name from the first volume, A Game Of Thrones.   (Personally, I wouldn’t accept ‘Game Of Thrones’ as the answer: it’s the name of the TV series based on the novels, not the series of novels themselves.)


Q51) In the UK aristocracy, which rank comes between a baron, and an earl?
A51) Viscount.

Q52) Which musical is performed on roller skates?

Q53) Haematophobia is a fear of what substance?
A53) Blood.

Q54) Who wanted the head of John the Baptist?
A54) Salome.

Q55) Which fashion designer created The New Look during the 50s?

Q56) What is made from a mixture of linseed oil, and chalkdust?
A56) Putty.

Q57) What’s the capital city of Norway?
A57) Oslo /a>.

Q58) Plastic Letters, Parallel Lines and Eat To The Beat are all albums by whom?
A58) Blondie.

Q59) Which kitchen item is linked to satellite TV?
A59) A dish.

Q60) Had things gone differently, the RRS Sir David Attentenborough could’ve been called … what?
A60) The RRS Boaty McBoatface.   (The UK’s polar research group thought naming it after the broadcaster was the best choice: but have used Boaty McBoatface as the name of one of the ship’s submersible drones.)

Enjoy those: I hope they help!

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