Friday, 6 May 2016

House of Cards — Series 3: Episodes 4 and 5 (Chapters 30 and 31)

You know, there’s times I think to myself that fish and chips would be nice.


Except that, unfortunately, my local chippy’s product?

And usually FINE product?

Was possibly a touch … 

TOO much … !

Despite the fact the fact I’m sure I ordered small portions.

I’m not getting any younger.

Along with that?

I’m pretty sure my stomach’s shrivelling up with age.

At any rate … ?

At any rate, a more sensible person would possibly have not had the dinner I had, tonight.

But, hell … 

I never claimed to be sensible … !


Except, of course, when it comes done to one or two things.

Computers: although my preference for the Mac platform could be seen as odd, I personally think the fact there’s less security issues is sensible!

There’d possibly a lot of other things I could add, as well.

But what I MEANT to say … ?

Is that I’ve been using my time off to try and catch up with some TV.

With series three of House of Cards, if you must know … 


Episodes 4 opens by showing us Solicitor General, Helen Dunbar defending the US Government, before the Supreme Court: defending government action involve the use of drones on civilians.

It s only as the episode progresses we find out that Dunbar is the only other serious Democrat contender for the post of Democrat nominee for President, in the upcoming elections.

A rival for Frank, in other words.

And, potentially, one who Frank can side line: by nominating her to the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile … ?   Meanwhile, Claire is manoeuvring at the UN: US attempts to build a coalition to boots on the ground in the Jordan Valley are leading to tensions with Russia, AND the Russian arrest of a noted US gays rights activist.


Episode 5 follows on: and shows us Frank enlisting the help of the Mayor of Washington.   Frank’s conscripted FEMA — the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the US disaster body — to get around Congressional attempts to block how ‘America Works’ programme.

Whilst Claire manages to persuade Frank to issue an Executive order: to put peace keeping troops into Jordan, so that she can force a resolution through the UN.

In the meantime … ?   Doug Stamper has dug up documents that show Claire has lied about an abortion she’d had: and has passed these one to Helen Dunbar, to make sure of getting hired … 


Things … 

Are getting interesting!


I’ve watched two episodes, tonight: as I’ve had time to.

And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the episodes, so far.


I have my suspicions Claire may be concealing a pregnancy: and that Frank realises this.

And that the run up to the (fictional) 2016 election is going to be only as hair’s breath less entertaining than the real thing.

We’ll have to see, won’t we?

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