Saturday, 1 July 2017

American Horror Story — Series 1: Murder House — Episodes 9 and 10: Spooky Little Girl and Smouldering Children

30th June, 2017.

OK … 

It’s a Friday night.

It is a Friday night, isn’t it … ?

Yes … ?

Good … !

Now, occasionally … ?

I’m at work of a Friday: head in a headset, voice on a phone, (hopefully) reassuring a tenant that there’s an engineer coming.

Or … 

Well, I could be at any one of a number of local pubs.

There’s a good few.

But I don’t drink.   And, after working as a barman for fourteen years?

Well … I get mildly annoyed at drunken people.   Whether that makes me a bad person, or just an easily annoyed one, I really couldn’t tell you.

At any rate, pubs … ?   Not an option.


Ha … !   Don’t even get me started … !

One thing I do have … ?

Is a TV.

And a box set of American Horror Show.   The first series, Murder House?

Is working it’s way to a good looking climax.


Episode 9Spooky Little Girl — opens in 1947: and sees wannabe starlet, Elizabeth Short, pay a visit to a local dentist.

Who rapes her whilst she’s unconscious.

Rapes her … and, in his enthusiasm, kills her … 

Realises that he needs help to dispose of the body.

Isn’t a handy bunch of ghosts, convenient … ?

Episode 10 — opens with a flashback to 1994: showing us Constance (Jessica Lange), Tate (Evan Peters), Addie (Jamie Brewer) … before Tate, on the day of the school shooting his commits, visit’s Larry’s office … 

With a match … 

The action shifts forward: showing us Ben (Dylan McDermott) being visited by a Truancy Officer.   And doing a couple of things as a result.

Pricing up up schools for Violet (Taisa Farmiga).

Visiting Vivan (Connie Britton) in hospital.

And hiring a pest controller.

The blowflies … ?   Are getting numerous … 


Now … 

How did I fell after these two episodes?

Actually, rather better than I did about episodes six, seven and eight.

Those three episodes seemed a little choppy.

In contrast?   Episodes nine and ten seemed to move the story forward.

AND give us a much needed twist: showing us Constance begin investigated for murder, and revealing Violet’s sad death.


I’m looking forward to my next bit of time off.

I’d like to see these last two episodes.

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