Tuesday, 18 July 2017

American Horror Story — Series 2: Asylum — Episodes 10 and 11: The Name Game and Spilt Milk

18th July, 2017

Right … 

I can officially say it’s just a little bit toasty, around here.

19º … and cloudy: although I’m told it’s been warmer, today.

I’m ALSO told … ?

That we’re expecting thunderstorms.

Although, right now?   I’m finding that hard to believe.

Either way … ?

Either way, I’ve had time off, today.

And … ?

Felt that, frankly, I need to catch up with Asylum: season two of American Horror Story.

Another two episodes seemed just the thing.

Although I wasn’t expecting The Singing Detective … !


Episode 10The Name Game — sees Dr Arden — James Cromwell — putting an end to some of his experiments: lying to Kit — Evan Peters — in the process. Whilst Lana — Sarah Paulson — finds herself dealing with a almost catatonic Sister Jude — Jessica Lange — AND fending off Dr Thredson — Zachary Quinto.

Episode 11Spilt Milk — sees Lana — Sarah Paulson — escaping from Briercliff,  with the help of Mother Superior Claudia — Barbara Tarbuck — and intent on exposing its mistreatments.

Kit — Evan Peters — and Grace — Lizzie Brocheré — are allowed to leave the asylum but get a surprise at home. Judy — Jessica Lange — promises Monsignor Howard — Joseph Fiennes — that Briarcliff’s downfall is long over due.


Now … 

“Are you impressed, again, Paul?” I hear you ask.

Yes I am, actually: although, speaking personally, I found Spilt Milk, the second of tonight’s two episodes, rather overlong, it DID have plenty of story to tell.

Unlike The Name Game, which focused nicely on three characters: Dr Arden, Sister Jude and Kit.


Frankly, I found that later episode the better of the two: but both contributed to the overall arc, and did so quite well.

There’s something else, too.

Did you ever see Potter’s The Singing Detective?   The original BBC series, rather than the Robert Downey Jr remake?

I did.   I’ve always interpreted the occasional bouts of singins as the show’s way of giving you a bit of psychological insight into how the central character’s emotional state.   In the first episode?   It’s done by having a group of doctors and nurses break into a rendition of Dem Bones.

It’s something the makers of American Horror Story have copied.

You have to give both the writers, and Jessica Lange, credit for this … !

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