Friday, 28 July 2017

The Man in the High Castle — Series 1 — Episodes 3 and 4: The Illustrated Woman and Revelations

27th July, 2017

You know, today is my only day off, this week.


And, as much as I complain about how my hours go up and down … ?

There are times when less hours — on double the money — seems nice.

As would a humongous great lottery win.

Nothing fancy: just enough to pay off my debts, buy my flat, take driving lessons, refurbish my kitchen, buy a new Mac, and a bigger TV … 

And possibly buy anyone who asks nicely a new computer, but, hey … !

At ANY rate … ?

A night off …

A night off, a TV set, and an Apple TV streaming box?

And a couple more episodes of The Man in the High Castle?

Well, it’s be rude, not too, frankly.


Episode 3 — The Illustrated Woman — sees a bounty hunter called the Marshal — Burn Gorman — turn up in town: looking for the man Juliana — Alexa Davalos — had killed in the previous episode.

Meanwhile, Frank … ?   Frank — Rupert Evans — has to visit his brother-in-law, and break the sad news … 

Episode 4 — Revelations — sees Joe saving Juliana from the Marshal: fully aware that the have to both escape: AND get the film to the Resistance.

The only way they have of convincing him?   Is for Juliana to to fake her own death.

Meanwhile?   Meanwhile, Frank … has decided there’s really only one thing he can do with a Colt .45 he’s acquired.

Use it on the visiting Japanese Crown Prince … 


Now … 

Good … ?

Actually, yes: I think so.

OK, granted each episode is slow: I think that’s a function of Amazon Prime works.

As far as I can see, it has no ad-breaks.

So an hour long drama?   Really IS an hour.

Frankly?   That’s why I’m  watching two episode a night: rather than the three of — say — American Horror Story.


It’s taken me a little longer to get involved with The Man in the High Castle.

But involved I’m getting …

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