Monday, 16 October 2017

Star Trek: Discovery — Episode 5 — Choose Your Pain.

16th October, 2017.

You know … I have had a long — long — day at work.

Mostly involving me being up at four, to get in at nine: then work until five, this evening.

So it possibly doesn’t help that I’m still up: instead of doing what someone sensible would do, and getting more slepp.




I’m not going to worry too much, though.

For starters, seeing the sky on the way home, tonight?

Was quite something.

I managed to walk from work, to Chelmsford Station, got the train from there to Shenfield, then the Shenfield to Brentwood train, THEN the walk from Brentwood station to my flat … 

Not under a blood red sky, but under one described as a kind of dijon mustard colour.

A dirty yellow-tinged grey from Chelmsford to Brentwood: and a more lemony yellow — not so much cloud cover, don’t you know — going from Brentwood Station to my home.

A mix of smoke heading north: from Portuguese and Spanish, wildfires … 

And the effects, however distantly felt, of what’s left of Hurricane Ophelia.

Quite something to see, that!


I’m also not worrying about an early night.

As I have the next few days off.

Plenty of time to catch up with my sleep, AND my typos … 

And some more TV.

Oh, HELL, I’ll make a confession … 

TV was EXACTLY what I had in mind for tonight.

A very specific series.

You’re right … 


Episode 5Choose Your Pain — sees Captain Lorca (Jason Isaac) heading back to the USS Discovery: after receiving some bad news at a tactical briefing.

Whilst heading back?

The shuttle is cornered by a Klingon D7: commanded by known other than L’Rell (Mary Chieffo).

A ship determined to captured as many humans as possible … 

And make them choose which of their fellow captives it to suffer a beating.

Back on the Discovery, Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin Green) is having her doubts about the ship’s Spore Drive.

It’s seems using the drive?   Is having a bad effect Ripper, the creature used to pilot the ship when the drive is in use.

The last jump, getting into Klingon space to rescue the captain, knock Ripper unconscious.

Leaving Acting Captain Saru (Doug Jones) with the conundrum.

Of getting out, once the captain’s rescued.


Now … 

Is Star Trek: Discovery still good, still intriguing me?

You bet ya!


Frankly, I now perfectly well the CBS, the shows producers, are having a mid-season break.   Airing the first nine episodes up until November: then the rest from January.

Something that I, personally, find bloody annoying.

Especially when the BBC did it with Dr Who, during the Matt Smith years.

It’s ALSO something I’ve found annoying with Channel Five’s broadcasting of Gotham: they’ve not aired the rest of Season Three, to the best of my knowledge.

So what’s happening their broadcast of Season 4, I couldn’t tell You.

On the other hand?

On the other hand, UK won’t seemingly have long to wait for a second part of Star Trek: Discovery.

Personally?   I’m happy to wait.

Given what there IS … ?

Is VERY good quality!

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