Thursday, 15 March 2018

The Man in the High Castle — Series 2 — Episode 2: The Road Less Traveled

15th March, 2018.

OK, OK … I’ll put a shirt on* … 

As long as you never mention the fact I’m at home, on my own … and aren’t expecting visitors!

OK, I’ll confess: today’s been a day off: one I should have had a CT scan on.

But, for various reasons, didn’t.

Mostly, where I didn’t read the relevant letter, informing me of the basic procedure until the last minute.   Only realising, yesterday afternoon, I was supposed to have a blood test, last week: a week before the test.

Kick me, would you?

I try and do it, I’ll miss.


At any rate … ?

I had time off.

Time off to do stuff around the house.   Make a few videos … have some tea …

And, just as importantly … ?

Watch more TV.

Yep, you got it: more of The Man in the High Castle second season.

It’s just starting to warm up … 


Episode 2 — The Road Less Travelled — shows us Inspector Kids (Joel de la Fuente) investigates the apparent shooting of Juliana Crain (Alexa Davalos): apparently shot trying to escape.

In the meantime … ?   The Inspector has a problem.

Frank Frink (Rupert Evans) has seriously impressed the local Yakuza boss.

There’s a price for working for him, though … 

Releasing Ed McCarthy (DJ Qualls) from the Kempetai gaol he’s held in … 

Juliana, meanwhile?   Is having issues.   The films that she’s been show tell her one thing.

That the Empire?

Is going to bomb San Francisco.

Getting out seems to be just the thing.

Finding someone she can trust, like — ooh — double agent and spy, Joe Blake (Luke Kleintank)?

Is going to be tricky …


Now, I have to confess that yes: series two of The Man in the High Castle does still seem to be drifting from The original novel.


I’m not sure I’m worried.

We’re getting hints of n interesting story, one headily influxnced by Dick’s book, striving to keep that sense of ambiguous realities, and identities … 

And stilll being an interesting watch.


I’m off, again, on Sunday.

I’ll be cueing up more episodes of The Man in the High Castle.

*        I want cocoa.   Cocoadammit!   It’s too cold in here!

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