Monday, 26 March 2018

The Man in the High Castle — Series 2 — Episode 6 and 7: Kintsugi and Land o’ Smiles

26th March, 2018.

It’s a bit of a … you know … conundrum … !

I am actually missing a series from my otherwise flawless Dr Who collection: and  I don’t know where it’s gone!

The Creature from The Pit, wouldn’t you know?

If anyone’s got a spare copy I could beg borrow, I would LOVE to hear from you!

It’s going to bother me for minutes!


At ANY rate … ?


At ANY rate, and as you’d possibly guessed?

I’ve not been without a favourite piece of TV.

Oh, no.

No, tonight?

On my last day off of the week?

I got to do two things.

1).  Check in with my GP.   You HAVE to, after the sort of weekend I’ve had.

And …

2).  Watch more of the second season of The Man in the High Castle.

Because you have to … !


Episode 6 — Kintsugi — Sees Juliana (Alexas Davalos) getting closer to the Smith family friends: Lucy in particular.

Over in Berlin?   Joe (Luke Kleintank) is getting closer to Nichole (Bella Heathcote) … and getting invited to some of the best parties.

Back in the Pacific States, Inspector Kido (Joel de la Fuente) has discovered that Hawthorne Abendsen (Stpehen Root) — the Man in the High Castle, himself — has burnt out the remains of his most recent base … and that the Kempetai aren’t The only Japanese group interested in this.

Tagomi (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa) is nowhere NEAR his office.   No: he’s found himself elsewhere … talking things over with a wife long since gone in his world … and a son who’s married to an alternative version of Juliana Craine …


Episode 7 — Land O’ Smiles, on the other hand?   Sees Bob Children and Ed McCarthy (Brennan Brown and DJ Qualls) going to visit the Yakuza, to pay protection money …

Only to see them shot by a Kempetai raid.

Meanwhile, Frank (Rupert Evans) … ?   Has been ordered to plant a bomb at a site regularly visit by senior Japanese military forces in the Pacific States.

Only to call off the mission … as he realises the Japanese are building an atomic bomb on the site.

Back east?   Juliana has found out That the Smith family’s eldest child, Thomas (Quinn Lord) is a lot less fit than anyone realises.

Things … are hotting up …


Now …

Good … ?

Yes: series two of The Man in the High Castle is getting good.

It’s ever so slowing building to the climax the characters have realised is in store for them: that San Francisco is to be bombed.

By showing Frank the building of a bomb: and making it his focus of his story.

By showing Juliana the film: and (seemingly) shifting her focus from her home town’s destruction to spying on the people she thinks are an enemy … 

And by showing Trade Minister Tagomi’s an alternative: where his homeland had been ravaged.

I’m guessing, here: that San Francisco is to be bombed.

I’m wanting to see what happens … 

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