Monday, 19 March 2018

The Man in the High Castle — Series 2 — Episode 4: Escalation

19th March, 2018.

Which is decidedly odd.

I’ve had most to the relevant files for quite a few years: and some for a lot less time.

All of which have happily shown up on my AppleTV: when they’ve been dragged into whatever my current version of iTunes is.

All I’m getting from them … ?

Is a very strange dialogue: telling there’s an unknown error.

And giving me the error code, 1718449215.

Quite what’s happening there … ?

I really couldn’t tell say.


On other fronts … ?

On other fronts, I’m now the proud owner of a new blu-ray drive: now happily hooked up to my new iMac.

Granted, I can’t seemingly get HandBrake to work on DVDs, under High Sierra: despite there being a hack for that.

But I can still use MakeMKV to turn the contents of a DVD into MKV files.

Which can then be converted, as per usual, into mp4 files I can stream straight over to my TV.


Actually … ?

I’ll make a confession, here: if I may?

I’ve just done a test rip — with HandBrake —  of one of the problem children in my media library.

Some of them?   Have an extra layer of audio file.

Commentary, mono mix of the show’s audio, what have you.

Re-ripping them, minus that extra audio track?

Seems to help.


At any rate … ?

It’s Monday night: a Monday I’ve had off.

And, with all this talk of TV?

You can bet I’ve been watching some, can’t you … ?

You’d be right.

It’s another episode of The Man in the High Castle second season.

Because I’m worth it … 


Episode 4 — Escalation — sees Juliana (Alexa ‘I’m Not An AI!’ Davalos) finding herself unsafe: being followed when she tries to track her half sister’s father.

Despite a warning from Ed (DJ Quall) that they seriously need one to pay off the Yakuza?   Frank (Rupert Evans) volunteers to help the Resistance: syphoning off explosive from an abandoned bomb.

And Obergruppenführer Smith?   Has to confess to his wife: that he knows more about Dr Adler’s death than he’s telling her.

And why the Doctor’s death is fortunate for them … and their son.


Now, I realise that I’ve given tonight’s episode short shift: what with one thing and another.

But … ?

I am still enjoying The Man in the High Castle.

To the point where, on my next night off … ?

I might just have team to squeeze in an extra episode.

See you in the morning, everyone … !

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