Friday, 18 May 2012

The Friday Question Set — 18-5-2012

Yes … It’s OFFICIAL!

I’ve actually managed to post up a Friday Question set … 

On a Friday … !

Whoop-di-doo, to coin a phrase.

But at any rate … ?

It’s nice to be able to hit a self imposed deadline.

So … ?

Without much further ado, here’s this week’s Friday Question set: covered, as ever, by the usual Creative Commons License
Online 152.
Q1) Which item of beachwear was named after an atoll in the Pacific Ocean?
A1) The Bikini.   (after Bikini Atoll, site of the first nuclear bomb test, after WW2.)
Q2) Bel Pæse, meaning Beautiful Country, is what: cheese, wine, or a sausage?
Q2) Cheese.
Q3) Marcella Detroit and Siobhan Fahey enjoyed chart success as which band?
A3) Shakespear’s Sister.
Q4) Which 1912 disaster was filmed, in 1958, as ‘A Night To Remember’?
A4) The sinking of the Titanic.
Q5) Which children’s tv series included a character called Captain Flack?
A5) Trumpton.
Q6) What did W. G. Grace do for a living, off the pitch?   (Bonus point for telling us what sport he was famous for playing.)
A6) A doctor.   (Cricket)
Q7) Who co–starred with Walter Matthau, in comedy classic, The Odd Couple?
A7) Jack Lemmon.
Q8) Which part of the city of Los Angeles have most Hollywood stars bought their houses?
A8) Beverly Hills.
Q9) Who sang about a Laughing Gnome, in 1967?
A9) David Bowie.
Q10) What is Harry Ramsden famous for selling?
A10) Fish & chips.

Q11) What is a John Innes №.1?
A11) A type of Compost.
Q12) If you combined k & p to make cables, what would your hobby be?
A12) Macramé.
Q13) What piece of equipment was developed to emulate the experience of surfing on land?
A13) Skateboarding.
Q14) Which exercises were developed to increase oxygen consumption & speed the blood circulation?
A14) Aerobics.
Q15) What is a whist competition called?
A15) A whist drive
Q16) A Royal Flush is the best hand you can get in which card game?
A16) Poker.
Q17) Which card game use a pegboard, for scoring?
A17) Cribbage.
Q18) Where on your body would you wear flippers?
A18) On your feet.
Q19) How many court cards are there, in a standard pack of playing cards?
A19) 12.   (A Jack, Queen and King in each of the four suits)
Q20) In which game would you find a pitcher’s mound and an outfield?
A20) Baseball.

Q21) Which Spice girl presented This is My Moment?
A21) Mel B.   (Sporty)
Q22) Which group won the original series of Popstars?
A22) Hear’Say
Q23) In Coronation Street, who is Roy’s other half?
A23) Hayley
Q24) For the 1999 season, which terrestrial channel did the Formula 1 racing switch to?
A24) ITV1.   (Accept just ITV)
Q25) Which celebrity builder first appeared in Ground Force?
A25) Tommy Walsh..
Q26) How often is the drama, Doctors shown?   A26) Daily, from Monday to Friday.   (Accept five times a week.).
Q27) Who are the current presenters of Masterchef?   A27) John Torode and Gregg Wallace..
Q28) Who hosted Supermarket Sweep?   A28) Dale Winton.
.Q29) Which soap ran an ad campaign that claimed ‘… everyone’s talking about it’?   A29) EastEnders..
Q30) The most expensive TV ad ever made was based on which George Orwell novel?   A30) 1984.

Q31) Which volcanic rock is named after a mountain range: Andesite, Alpsite, or Rockiesite?
A31) Andesite.
Q32) Which Asian country has the world’s greatest body of inland water, India, Thailand or China?
A32) India.
Q33) Utigard is the highest waterfall in which Scandinavian country?
A33) Norway.
Q34) What’s the next largest body in the Solar System, after Venus?
A34) Mars.
Q35) What’s the next largest lake in the UK, after Lough Neagh: Loch Ness or Lake Erne.?
A35) Erne.
Q36) In which US state is the Mammoth Cave System, Kentucky, Arkansas or Kansas?
A36) Kentucky.
Q37) What was the first asteroid to be discovered?
A37) Ceres.
Q38) In which African country was the Hoba West meteorite found: Namibia, Zambia, or Zaire?
A38) Namibia.
Q39) Which Chemical element, discovered in 1931, is the rarest on planet Earth?
A39) Astatine.
Q40) How far, in yards, is the defined visibility of a sea fog?
A40) 1000 yards.

Q41) Which French city is the producer of Cointreau: Angers, Calvados or Bordeaux?
A41) Angers.
Q42) What type of milk was first produced in 1899?
A42) Evaporated Milk.
Q43) What type of pasta lends it name to a type of chocolate decoration?
A43) Vermicelli.
Q44) Which nuts are used in a pesto sauce?
A44) Pine Nuts.
Q45) Which term comes from the Hindi word meaning pounded meat?
A45) Kofta.
Q46) Pyrex was originally made to be used in what kitchens: hotels, railways, or cruiseliners?
A46) Railway kitchens.
Q47) What is arborio: rice, wheat or chilli pepper?
A47) Rice.
Q48) Aüslese wine is made from which white grape: Chardonnay, Riesling or Pinot Grigrio?
A48) Riesling.
Q49) What ingredient can be Balsamic, Apple or malt … ?
A49) Vinegar.
Q50) Mangetout, and Sugar Snap are types of what?
A50) Pea.

Q51) Famed Greek philosopher, Socrates, committed suicide by drinking what: hemlock, strychnine or arsenic?
A51) Hemlock.
Q52) Which evil number would you get, by adding up all the numbers on a Roulette wheel?
A52) 666.
Q53) Which of Shakespeare’s character’s has the most lines, in any of his plays: MacBeth, Hamlet or Henry 5th?
A53) Hamlet.
Q54) Tom Cruise, Emilio Esteves and Patrick Swayze, were all part of which group of Hollywood actors?
A54) The Brat Pack.
Q55) Can’t Buy Me Love, Tell Me Why and And I Love Her, were all on which Beatles album?
A55) A Hard Day’s Night.
Q56) Is a baobab a monkey, a tree or a chocolate and banana pudding?
A56) A tree.
Q57) Which sport is controlled from the Hurlingham Club, in London?
A57) Polo.
Q58) Alan Bennett, Dudley Moore, Peter Cook, & Jonathon Miller all starred in which satirical 60’s show?
A58) ‘Beyond The Fringe’.
Q59) Apart from being a film and a Grateful Dead album, what is an American Beauty?
A59) A Rose.
Q60) What underground 60’s publication was taken to court after publishing, amongst other thing’s, stories about the sex life of Rupert the Bear?
A60) Oz Magazine.

Here’s hoping that’s helpful: leave me a comment, if it is, please: here’s how to … 

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Antony Goodman said...

Answer to Q44 should be 'Pine Nuts' not 'Almonds'

Antony Goodman said...
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Nik Nak said...

Cheers for that, Anthony! ALWAYS nice to have another pair opf eyeballs on these … !

Antony Goodman said...

No Problem, thanks for posting the questions. They are great.