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The Increasingly Misnamed Friday Question Set

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It doesn't show everything correctly.

It means that after me morning walk, I'm going to have to edit everything on this post, when I get in.

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As it means that I'll be late starting painting my bathroom.   Oh, well ...

It's me own fault for forgetting to post up the Increasingly Misnamed Friday question set, yesterday.   At ANY rate, here's this week's set: covered, as ever, by the Creative Common's License.

Online 151: Copied from King Harold 10


Q1) Which of the Monty Python team has the initial’s MP?
A1) Michael Palin.

Q2) Which pianist made the album, Songs from the West Coast?
Q2) Elton John.

Q3) What in 1997, did Lord Gyllene win on a Monday, that, but for a bomb threat, he would’ve won on a Saturday?
A3) The Grand National.

Q4) Robben Island famously held Nelson Mandela for many years: which South African city is it near?
A4) Cape Town

Q5) What fruit flavour is Cointreau?
A5) Orange.

Q6) How old was Billy the Kid, when he died?   (Bonus point for the real name.)
A6) 21.   (His real name was William H. Bonney)

Q7) On a standard computer keyboard, where is the ‘O’ in relation to the ‘L’: above it, below it or next to it?
A7) Above it

Q8) In rhyme, on which day of the week was Solomon Grundy married?
A8) Wednesday.

Q9) Which Little book by Louisa May Alcott was a huge best-seller?
A9) Little Women.

Q10) Julia Smith became the estranged wife of which Rugby player?
A10) Will Carling.


Q11) Bucephalus was the legendary horse of which ancient leader: Alexander the Great, Julius Cæsar or the Emperor Hadrian?
A11) Alexander the Great.

Q12) Who, according to legend, rode to York on a horse called Black Bess?
A12) Dick Turpin.

Q13) When the Duke of Wellington fought at the Battle of Waterloo, what was the name of his horse: Copenhagen, Amsterdam or Rotterdam?
A13) Copenhagen

Q14) Which George was famed for his paintings of horses?   (Bonus point for telling us which century he was born in.)
A14) George Stubbs.   (The 18th: 1724, in fact.)

Q15) Roger Lloyd-Pack played which horsey character, in Only Fools & Horses?
A15) Trigger.

Q16) Between 1964, & 1966, Arkle won which classic race?
A16) The Cheltenham Gold Cup

Q17) Rosinanté was the name of which fictional character’s horse: Don Quixote’s, Gandalf’s or Zorro’s
A17) Don Quixote’s

Q18) What was the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse?
A18) Silver.

Q19) Which US band had a hit with The Horse With No Name, in 1972?
A19) America.

Q20) What kind of animal is a devil’s coach horse?
A20) A beetle.


Q21) Which planet in the Solar System is nearest to the Sun: Mercury, Venus, or Mars?
A21) Mercury.

Q22) What was the name of the world’s first artificial satellite?
A22) Sputnik 1.   (Accept just Sputnik.   It’s the 55th anniversary of its launch, this year.)

Q23) Which stopped being a planet, in 2006?
A23) Pluto.

Q24) Which British space probe came to grief, on Mars, on December 25th, 2003?
A24) The Beagle 2.

Q25) Which book about the origins of the universe proved to be an unexpected best-seller in 1988?   (Bonus point for naming the author.)
A25) A Brief History of Time, by Professor Steven Hawking.

Q26) What was the name of the malfunctioning computer, in the 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey?
A26) HAL 9000.

Q27) Which rocket suffered a major malfunction, on its way to the moon, in 1970?
A27) Apollo 13.

Q28) Which Russian dog became the first mammal into space, in 1957?
A28) Laika.

Q29) Which space shuttle exploded on the 28th January, 1986?
A29) The Challenger.

Q30) Phobos & Deimos are the two moons of which planet?
A30) Mars.


Q31) Where would you find the Horseshoe and Rainbow Falls?
A31) Niagara Falls

Q32) Which metal was used to build the Statue of Liberty?
A32) Cast Iron.

Q33) In which country was the first Asian Disneyland resort opened?
A33) Japan.

Q34) Where would you be if you visited the ‘Athens of Ireland’?
A34) Belfast.

Q35) Which is further north: Majorca, Ibiza, or or Madeira?
A35) Majorca.

Q36) Which art gallery would you be if you were looking at the Venus de Milo?   (Bonus point for naming the city it’s in.)
A36) The Louvre, in Paris.

Q37) In 1851, where did tourist go, in London, to visit the Great Exhibition?
A37) The Crystal Palace.

Q38) Where are the Crown Jewels?
A38) The Tower of London.

Q39) Which spectular waterfalls are on the borders of Zambia, and Zimbabwe?
A39) The Victoria Falls.

Q40) Would in England would a tourist be, if he’d just been called a ‘grockle’?
A40) Cornwall.   (It’s the Cornish word for ‘Outsider’.)


Q41) Agar Agar is the vegetarian alternative to what?
A41) Gelatine.

Q42) What drink was Lorraine Chase advertising, when she said, “Nah, mate, Luton Airport?”
A42) Campari.

Q43) During the 50’s, which cook wrote about Mediterranean Food, and French Country Cooking?
A43) Elizabeth David.

Q44) There are 2 ingredients of the cocktail called a Redeye; – name either.   (Two points for both)
A44) Whisky and tomato juice.

Q45) What would you be eating, if you were eating a Spanish chorizo?
A45) A spicy sausage.   (Accept sausage.)

Q46) What drink was once nicknamed Madame Geneva?
A46) Gin.

Q47) What nut is one of the two main ingredients of Marzipan?
A47) Almond.

Q48) Which Mexican snack food has a name that translates as ‘little donkey’?
A48) Burrito.

Q49) Which garden herb is usually made into a sauce that’s a traditional accompaniment to roast lamb?
A49) Mint.

Q50) What cheese is made backwards?
A50) Edam.


Q51) Cigarette filters were originally made from what?
A51) Cork.

Q52) Which cartoonist created Fungus The Bogeyman?
A52) Raymond Briggs.

Q53) How many items make up a baker’s dozen?
A53) 13.

Q54) What’s the main ingredient of mead?
A54) Honey.

Q55) Which sport is played on a gridiron?
A55) American Football.

Q56) Beluga, sperm, and blue, are all types of what?
A56) Whale.

Q57) What did Marc Chagall design for the Israeli Knesset, or Parliament: a mosaic, a statue or an ornamental floor?
A57) A mosaic.

Q58) An antiquarian is interested in what, old things, new things, borrowed things or blue things?
A58) Old things.

Q59) Apart from their nose’s, where else can turtles breathe through?
A59) Their bottoms.

Q60) How many sides does a 50p piece have?
A60) 7.
Enjoy them!

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