Monday, 6 August 2012

BBC News - Nick Clegg: Lords reform plans to be abandoned

You know, I really don’t get political: I really don’t.

Which is possibly the BIGGEST amount I’ve ever written on here … !

I’m human.

And, as a famed philosopher once said, man is a political animal.

Well, he would’ve said ‘humanity is’, but you know what I mean.

At ANY rate … !

I don’t often get political.

But I’m also aware I’ve posted up the occasional piece that’s politically inclined.

Especially at the time of the last general election: when, to my personal disgust, the Liberal-Democrats — the party I’ve voted for all of my adult life — formed a coalition with the seriously right-wing Conservative Party.

As the junior party, I should add.

I wasn’t happy: and was left with the impression that not many other Lib Dem voters were, either.

So recent news — that the coalition partnership wasn’t a happy ship, in regards to House of Lords reform — had been something I was following.

Basically, the Liberal Democrats were hoping to make the Upper house of Parliament into a largely elected — rather than appointive — one.

Something that the Conservatives have blocked.

Now, I’m STILL none too convinced is Lords reform is something that should be done.

But on the other hand, the Lib Dems raise a good point in saying that it should be.

As a result, Nick Clegg has announced, tonight, that he and his party will seek to delay Conservative plans to redraw the constituency map of the UK — a key Tory policy — until AFTER the next general election, in 2015.

Personally … ?

I’m thinking the Liberal Democrats should learn their lesson: that ANY kind of coalition with the tories is a futile one: and that the time has come to pull out of it.

Here’s hoping.

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