Friday, 24 August 2012

The Friday Question Set — 24-08-2012

Hmmm … 

I think … 

Well … 

Thoughts, usually: but the main one, at the moment, is that the engineer to look at my boiler — again! — is due to turn up, today.

And still hasn’t, as yet.

I think I have a wait on my hands.

Let’s move on, shall we?

As it’s Friday, you’re obviously gagging for … 

The Friday Question Set … !

Here it is, covered, as ever, by the Creative Commons License …
Q1) In which year of the 1970s was free contraception first handed out on the NHS?   A1) 1974.
Q2) According to the proverb, what plays, while the cat’s away?   A2) Mice.
Q3) What did Harry Vardon give his name to: a disease, a sports trophy or a type of apple?   A3) A sports trophy.  (In golf.)
Q4) Which people originally wore moccasins?   A4) American Indians.
Q5) Which European language is the main tongue spoken in Mexico?   A5) Spanish.
Q6) In which year did Hong Kong revert to China?   A6) 1997.
Q7) Who had hits with Catch a Falling Star and Magic Moments/i>?   A7) Perry Como.
Q8) Actor Sean Pertwee’s dad played which TV Scarecrow?   A8) Wurzel Gummidge.  (He was actor Jon Pertwee.)
Q9) The first atomic bomb to be used in combat, was dropped on which Japanese city, Nagasaki or Hiroshima?   A9) Hiroshima.
Q10) What do Americans call a tap?   A10) A faucet.
Q11) What is the highest mountain in the Alps called?   A11) Mont Blanc.
Q12) In which country are the Sierra Madre mountain ranges?   A12) Mexico.
Q13) High Willhays is the highest point of which moorland: Broadmoor, or Dartmoor?   A13) Dartmoor.
Q14) In which mountain range would you find Ben Nevis?   A14) The Grampians
Q15) Which European mountain was first climbed by Edward Whymper in 1865?   A15) The Matterhorn.
Q16) Which mountains in south-western Syria were occupied by Israel in 1967?    A16) The Golan Heights.
Q17) Kinder Scout is the highest point of which District?   A17) The Peak District   
Q18) The Great Saint Bernard Pass connects two countries name either.   (Two points for both)   A18) Switzerland and Italy
Q19) Which mountain range begins in the Alps and ends in the Ukraine?   A19) The Carpathians.
Q20) Annapurna is situated in which country?   A20) Nepal.
Q21) Which nursery rhyme character went to Gloucester?   A21) Doctor Foster.
Q22) What did Georgie Porgie do when the boys came out to play?   A22) He ran away.
Q23) Where was Little Boy Blue?   A23) Under a haystack, fast asleep.
Q24) Which nursery rhyme character lost her pocket?   A24) Lucy Locket.
Q25) What was Jack Sprat’s wife unable to eat?   A25) Lean.
Q26) Who pulled pussy out of the well?   A26) Little Tommy Stout.
Q27) On which day of the week was Solomon Grundy married?   A27) Wednesday.
Q28) Who killed Cock Robin?   A28) The sparrow.
Q29) Which nursery rhyme was supposedly inspired by the plague?   A29) Ring a ring 0’ roses’.
Q30) Where did Mary’s little lamb follow her to?   A30) School.
Q31) Which football team has the nickname ‘the Biscuitmen’?   A31) Reading
Q32) What was remarkable about Olympic marathon winner Abebe Bikila?   A32) He ran barefoot
Q33) Who won the Wimbledon singles title on his first and only attempt?      (Bonus point for naming the year of the 1930’s)   A33) Bobby Riggs. (1939)
Q34) In which sports do participants compete for Doggett’s Coat and Badge?   A34) Rowing. (or skulling)
Q35) Who became the youngest world heavyweight champion?   A35) Mike Tyson.
Q36) In which sport is ‘laundry’ a technical term?   A36) Drag-racing (referring to the parachute deployed to reduce speed).
Q37) What number does the bingo call two fat ladies refer to?   A37) 88.
Q38) Which British driver finished third in his very first Formula One race in 2007?   A38) Lewis Hamilton
Q39) Who, in 2006, emulated her mother by winning the BBC Sports Personality of the Year award?   A39) Zara Phillips.
Q40) What colour is the centre of the target in archery?   A40) Gold.
Q41) Who completely lost his head on 30 January 1649?   A41) Charles 1.
Q42) Who was the last ruler of Britain who could not speak English?   A42) George 1.
Q43) Who was beheaded at Fotheringay Castle in 1587?   A43) Mary, Queen of Scots.
Q44) By what name did Edward, Prince of Wales become known after his death in 1376?      A44) The Black Prince.
Q45) The wives of Henry IV, William III and George V all shared which first name?   A45) Mary.
Q46) How many times had Wallace Simpson been married before she became involved with Edward 8th?   A46) Twice.
Q47) According to Shakespeare, which English king offered his kingdom for a horse?   A47) Richard 3rd.
Q48) What was Queen Victoria’s first name?   A48) Alexandrina.
Q49) Who was the Sun King?   A49) Louis XIV of France.
Q50) Richard III, Napoleon Bonaparte and Julius Caesar were all born with what?   A50) They were all born with teeth.
Q51) Who wrote The Shining?   A51) Stephen King.
Q52) In which country was Jan Smuts Airport?   A52) South Africa
Q53) Moving clockwise round a standard dartboard, which number is next to the nine?   A53) 12.
Q54) What’s the collective name for a group of Rhinos?   A54) A crash.
Q55) Which sign of the zodiac is represented by a pair of scales?   A55) Libra.
Q56) Which of these metals is the densest, lead, gold or platinum?   A56) Lead.
Q57) Which politician was nicknamed The Incredible Sulk?   A57) Ted Heath.
Q58) Ganymede is a moon of which planet?   A58) Jupiter.
Q59) Which is the only US state to start with the letter G?   A59) Georgia.
Q60) Which large rodent is Canada’s national emblem?   A60) Beaver.
Enjoy that lot: I hope they help … 

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