Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dog Soldiers: Blood, Guts and Tug Toys

Can I make a confession, here … ?

Can I … ?

Something I’ve noticed over the years is a little rule of story-telling, especially in things like horror films: and one or two Agatha Christie novels, now I think of it.

It’s quite a simple one, really: and goes a bit like this: anyone who’s in an isolated area seems to be easily subjected to fear and terror.

Certainly, some of the scarier episodes of Dr Who seem to use it: even if that isolated area’s in central London.

And Agatha used it — most notably — in And Then There Were None.

But it’s ALSO something that git used in a film I managed to sit down down and watch, last night.

The 2002, Neil Marshall film, Dog Soldiers.

And my word, it’s fun … !


Dog Soldiers sees Sean Pertwee as Sergeant Wells, leading a small squad of troops into the Scottish highlands: as part of a training exercise against a squad of SAS men.

Unfortunately, what he and his squad aren’t expecting … ?

Is the fact that the part of the Highlands they’re in … is a touch wilder than most: and seems to have something of a pest problem.


Now, I have to admit, Dog Soldiers is the first of Neil Marshall’s films I saw, many moons ago.

And I have to admit, I’ve see one or two, since and thoroughly enjoyed them.

So the fact, last night, I decided to go back to source to see the FIRST film of his I’d ever caught … ?   Just reminded me of how much fun it was.

My suggestion … ?

Go get … !
Dog Soldiers

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