Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dr Who — Episode 5 Series 7: The Angels Take Manhatten

You know, it’s got to be said, current Dr Who show-runner, Steven Moffat, is going down like Marmite on toast.

Fans either love him, or hate him: and if it’s the latter, tend to behave very badly.

That’s why he felt compelled, a few weeks ago, to leave Twitter: from the talk going around, he’d left due to some seriously nasty comments he was getting from some quarters.

Some, downright threatening.

Personally … ?

Personally, I know Mr M has his bad days —Asylum of the Daleks was good, but not necessarily his most stunning moment — and good days.

I’m happy to cut the man some slack.

Mostly because, when Steven Moffat’s good days turn up, they make you remember why you fell in love with his take on the show.

Tonight’s episode of Dr Who, The Angels Take Manhattan … ?

I think I can safely say The Angels Take Manhattan is one of Steven Moffat’s better days.


The Angels Take Manhattan sees the Dr Amy and Rory in 21st century New York, enjoying some much needed down time.

When Rory — suddenly — goes missing whilst try to find some of New York’s finest coffee.

Of course, what we realise … ?   Is that Rory’s actually been found by baby Weeping Angels.   And, as part of the Angels usual feeding routine, sent back in time.

It’s only when the Doctor, Amy and River — who’s been in 1938 New York, disguised as private eye, Melody Malone — get back to 1938, they realise that the Weeping Angels have turned an office block in New York — the Winter Quay building — in to a farm.

And it’s only then that Amy and Rory realise quite what they have to do, to wipe out the threat from the Angels.


Now …

I was saying about better days … ?

Lord, yes.   I’m thinking The Angels Take Manhattan is definitely one of those: for both Steven Moffat and the series regulars

Indeed, I believe this to be an all-round triumph for them all.

Now, I know I’ve possibly annoyed some people: that’s their issue, I think.

But being frank, here, I believe Moffat’s turn in a steamingly good episode.

I’ll let you tell me if you think otherwise: and leave you with this …

Oh, and just so you know what’s on between now and Christmas …

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Andy Shirling said...

Once again another brilliant episode,the whole season so far has been consistently getting better.
Perhaps it might have been better if the episodes were spread out more, but that would have made for a scheduling nightmare.
I've also discovered it's never good to watch Dr. Who, with someone that doesn't like the present Doctor, the mumbling in the background tends to spoil the good vibes
Still there are only 80 something days until Xmas. Ho Ho Ho.