Friday, 21 September 2012

The Friday Question Set — 21-09-2012

Oh, well, now … 

That’s a result.

I’ll be frank, this has been something of a long week for me.

What with ONE thing and another.

But, I have to say that, as a result of putting my CV in the Brentwood branch Argos, had a phone interview, earlier today.

OK, it’s only for a Christmas temp job: and knowing my luck, I’ll get no-where NEAR it.

But that did put a nice shine on my day.

But enough burbling, already.

Let’s get moving on, shall we?


After all, today is Friday.

Which — obviously — means that I release this week’s Friday Question Set.

Here it is, covered, as ever, by the usual Creative Commons License.
Q1) Which shop first opened in Rochdale, in 1844?   A1) The Co-op.
Q2) Which children’s author is the most borrowed from the UK’s libraries: Jaqueline Wilson, J. K. Rowling, or Lewis Carol?   A2) Jacqueline Wilson.
Q3) From which language does the word ‘Steppe’ originate?   A3) Russian.
Q4) How many kings are there, in 3 packs of playing cards?   A4) 12.
Q5) What type of bird of prey gives its name to a Native American axe?   A5) A hawk.
Q6) What colour is the Taj Mahal?   A6) White.   (India.)
Q7) Alice, Victoria or Mary: which of those names has not been given to a reigning queen of England?   A7) Alice.
Q8) Which Russian city does a Muscovite come from?   A8) Moscow.
Q9) Acupuncture involves what, needles, nails, or axes?   A9) Needles.
Q10) A lasso is usually made out of what?   A10) Rope.
Q11) Which snake has given its name to a frivolous fashion garment worn round the neck?    A11) A boa.
Q12) What is Manolo Blahnik famous for?   A12) Shoes.
Q13) What is a bumfreezer: a jacket, a pair of trousers, or really patchy underwear?   A13) A short jacket.
Q14) What name is given to a pad or frame worn to puff out a woman’s skirt at the rear?   A14) A bustle.
Q15) Which couple designed the wedding dress worn by Diana, Princess of Wales?   A15) The Emmanuels.
Q16) Who markets the Obsession, Eternity, Escape and CK One fragrances?   A16) Calvin Klein.
Q17) What kind of goods does the Louis Vuitton company specialise in?  A17) Leather bags.
Q18) With which colour was Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli particularly associated?   A18) Pink.
Q19) In a Harvey Nichols poll conducted in 2005, what emerged as Britain’s favourite fashion item ever?   A19) The miniskirt.
Q20) Which 1960s model was known as ‘the Shrimp’?   A20) Jean Shrimpton.
Q21) What is Lindisfarne otherwise known as: Holy Island, Easter Island or Christmas Island?    A21) Holy Island.
Q22) Fair Isle is part of which island group: the Shetlands, the Faroes or the Orkneys?      A22) The Shetlands.
Q23) Which medal was awarded to the island of Malta for its heroic defence during World War II?   A23) The George Cross.
Q24) Which Caribbean island is shared by the Dominican Republic and Haiti?   A24) Hispaniola.
Q25) On which Hawaiian island would you find Pearl Harbour?   A25) Oahu.
Q26) On which South African island was Nelson Mandela imprisoned for many years?   A26) Robben Island.
Q27) On which island is the volcano Mount Etna?   A27) Sicily.
Q28) On which Mediterranean island might you view the Blue Grotto: Capri, Sicily or Tasmania?   A28) Capri.
Q29) What is the name of the island on which the Statue of Liberty stands?   A29) Ellis Island.
Q30) What animals were the Canary Islands named after; – dogs, cats or birds?   A30) Dogs. (their name in Latin is 1nsulae Canariae, meaning ‘Island of the Dogs’).
Q31) “What we gonna tell your pa, what we gonna tell your friends when they say ‘ooh la’”?   A31) Wake Up Little Susie The Everly Brothers.
Q32) “No more dreaming about tomorrow, forget the loneliness and the sorrow”?    A32) Especially For You Kylie & Jason .
Q33) “You took a mystery and made me want it, you got a pedestal & put me on it”?   A33) Chain Reaction, Diana Ross.
Q34) “Gimme little bass, make me wine up me waist.”   A34) Up Town, Top Ranking Anthea & Donna.
Q35) “Here I lie, in a lost and lonely part of town”   A35) Tragedy, by the Bee Gees.   (And covered by Steps)
Q36) “I see trees of green, red roses too.”   A36) What a Wonderful World, by Louis Armstrong.   
Q37) “There goes my love, rocket red.”   A37) Love Missile F1-11, Sigue Sigue Sputnik.
Q38) “Where did you come from, where did you go.”   A38) Cotton Eye Joe, The Rednex.
Q39) “In world war two, the average age of the combat soldier was 26.”   A39) 19, by Paul Hardcastle.
Q40) “You’re weird, in tears, too near and too far away.”   A40) Ready to Go/i>, by Republica.
Q41) When did Jackanory, first go on air: 1955, 1960, or 1965?   A41) 1965.
Q42) In which television series did Katie Holmes star, between 1998 and 2003?   A42) Dawson’s Creek.
Q43) Which television detective series starred Cybil Shepard and Bruce Willis?   A43) Moonlighting.
Q44) Where did the characters in Friends” live: the Upper East Side, Manhattan or SoHo?   A44) Manhattan.
Q45) On which daytime show, would you find ; Coleen, Kaye, Carol and Jane?   A45) Loose Women.
Q46) In Fawlty Towers, which Spanish city did Manuel come from: Madrid, Seville or  Barcelona?   A46) Barcelona.
Q47) Which television character, comes from the planet Gallifrey?   A47) Doctor Who.
Q48) After much criticism on adoption, which television chat show host did Madonna choose to be interviewed by?   A48) Oprah Winfrey.
Q49) In which TV soap was Trevor Jordache buried under the patio?   A49) Brookside.
Q50) In The Simpsons, what was Marge Simpson’s maiden name?   A50) Bouvier.
Q51) The International car registration ET stands for which country?   A51) Egypt.
Q52) Until 1971, Bangladesh was called what?   A52) East Pakistan.
Q53) During the 1980s, two bands had a drummer called Roger Taylor: name one of them.   (Two points for both.)   A53) Queen, or Duran Duran.
Q54) Marilyn Monroe sang Happy Birthday to which US president?   A54) John F. Kennedy.
Q55) In cockney rhyming slang, what are ‘plates of meat?’   A55) Feet.
Q56) The character, Michelle Fowler appeared in which soap?   A56) EastEnders.
Q57) What does the C stand for, in CBE?   A57) Commander.
Q58) What’s the capital of the Falkland Isles’?   A58) Port Stanley.
Q59) What word can go after ‘monk’ and before ‘cake?’   A59) Fish.
Q60) Which planet is named after the Roman god of war?   A60) Mars.
Enjoy those, everyone: I’ll catch you later … 

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