Thursday, 14 March 2013

51 — What A Lot Of Cr*p!!!

You know, it has to be said, sometimes, I’m a film fan.

Hmm … that sounds remarkable ambiguous, doesn’t it … ?

What I mean to say, simply, is that I like watching movies.

Sci-fi and horror, for the most part: although I will make an exception, occasionally, if you’re VERY persuasive about a given film.

At ANY rate … ?

At any 
rate, I tend to know what I like, and tend to head straight for it, ASAP.

Occasionally … ?

Occasionally, though, I manage to dig up a clunker or two.

I think the worst film I’ve managed to catch, recently, was Orcs: and even though I gave it a star and a half, it was a film was a certain sense of irony to it.

Or, at least, had its tongue stuck in its cheek.

But then … ?


THEN there’s the film I managed to catch, last night.

Or not, to be perfectly frank.

The film in question was the 2011 film, 51: one I’d rented from iTunes, after I’d seen its trailer and felt it was worth a punt.

I think I can safely say this.

I was wrong.

It WASNT one capable of holding my attention for more than about twenty minutes: and that’s maybe 15 minutes more than it was worth.

I’ll leave 51: with 0 stars.
And tell you one thing: 51 is a waste of money.

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Nik Nak said...

I’ve just had an old friend gently remind me that I should maybe tell you why I felt you 51 deserves this post title.

Personally … ?

The plot of what I watched of it didn’t convince me that I’d be seeing anything I’d not seen before.

The plot summary on Wikipedia tells us it’s a film about a small group of reporters taken on tour around the secretive US air base that is Area 51: hence the film’s brief title.

One I found — with it’s shape changing alien and bad tempered marines — reminiscent of a badly done version of The Thing, mixed with Aliens: one with none of the redeeming features — originality, tension, humour or action — of the originals.

That lack had me switching the film off