Sunday, 10 March 2013

The Front Door And the Office Block … 

You know, it’s surprising what you can find out, sometimes.

No, really.

Like, sometimes, places have freely advertised free wifi access.

Yes, I know: most coffee shops and pubs do, these days: so does Brentwood library, in point of fact.

As does the office block, around the corner from mine. As it turns out … !

Just so you know, there’s a small office block around the corner from my place: I’m in Rollason Way, the office block is in Saint James Road.

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Just there, so you know.

Now, that office block has been empty since it was built, three or four years ago.

I think, now, though, the lease has been taken up: by — I believe — a charity called LTF.

No, I have no idea, either.

But at any rate … ?

Thy had posters up, advertising the fact they had a free wifi access point: how comprehensive a wifi point, I don’t know: but I managed to briefly managed to access the net, through my iPod, whilst standing outside the building.

The signal even seems to stretch to the junction with Rollason Way/WharfRoad/Saint James Road.

How long THAT will last, I don’t know.

But it seems a useful bit of information to mention.


At any rate, there’s another thing I want to get off my chest.

You’ve possibly been following my blog for a while.

But just so you know — if you’re new — I’m in a socially rented flat in Brentwood, one that’s, both nice and very roomy.

But, like most rented property, if there’s a problem, I have to report to my landlord for them to repair.

That’s not usually a problem, even if they DO take their time.

But, a couple of week ago, a window in the building’s main door was broken.   I think one of my neighbours like a drink or two of a Saturday: and was a touch heavy handed, closing the door.

Smashing the door’s bottom pane as a result.

As a result … ?   Our landlord’s rep was informed: although it’s taken a while, that pane still hasn’t been repaired.

Then last night happened.

I don’t know who it was, but the same neighbour came in after the pubs shut — about 11·20, so you know — and VERY noisily, went upstairs.

Leaving that bottom pane in an even worse state.   I’ve had a very gentle feel of it.   One good push, and we’ll have a nice big hole at the bottom of the door.

Understandably, I’m going to be emailing my landlord.

If any thing happens … ?

I’ll let you know … 

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