Friday, 1 March 2013

Chained: Disturbed … Even for THAT family … !

27th Feb. 2013

Hmm … 

You know, I’ll have to admit to a strange taste in music.

Or possibly not.

I have to admit to having picked up the — self-titled — first album from Japanese synth-pop pioneers, the Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Oh, and keeping an eye on some footage Kevin D’s just iMessaged me, of the last DropKixx show, in Brentwood.

Apparently, that over the shoulder throw Kevin just did is called a suplex: and I have to admit, I was impressed with it.

So was Kevin: apparently, it was the first time he’s pulled it off in the ring.

Which I might want to re-phrase at some point … 

At ANY rate … ?

Wrestling and music isn’t necessarily what I was going to tell you about I started writing this post.


I was going to sit back with a cuppa and some exotic background music, and tell you about the film I watched last night.

The Jennifer Chambers Lynch directed, 2012 pyscho-horror-thriller that is … Chained … 

And, yes … She’s HIS daughter, and the woman responsible for Boxing Helena.


Which is possibly something I’ll have to check out, at some point.

At any rate, last night saw me quietly renting the iTunes version of Jennifer Lynch’s Chained: something that the iTunes Store’s Recommended For You feature had been throwing at me for some time.

1st March, 2013.

Filmed — and seemingly set — in modern day Canada, Chained sees Vincent D’Onofrio as Bob: a psychotic cabbie and serial murder who — in his initial spree — kidnaps a women and her young son (Julia Ormond and Evan Bird), as they wait for a cab after a trip to the local cinema.

The mother is — inevitably — killed.

Her son — named Rabbit by his mother’s killer — is held captive for life.

And, brought up to be a deeply frail, deeply disturbed teenager: one given little choice except to become the monster Bob believes him to be capable of being.


Now …

I’m going to be honest, here: Chained is a very goods film.   And, with it, Jennifer Chambers Lynch has shown herself to be a confident, competent, director.

However … ?

I have to admit, while I liked the look and feel of the film — Ms Lynch has definitely picked up a few things from her dear old Dad  —  Chained isn’t a film I felt entirely comfortably with.

Mostly, I think, because it was one I found to be emotionally, quite disturbing: which is possibly something the director was after.

Personally … ?

Personally, I’ll be leaving Chained with 2 stars.   Please feel free to watch it and disagree with me … !
Chained   ★★☆☆

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