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Dr Who: Series 7 Part 2 — Episode 6 The Bells Of Saint John

The Bells Of Saint John

Oh … 

So that’s what the title means … !

I have to admit, I’ve just been watching today’s episode of Dr Who — episode 6 of the seventh series, The Bells Of Saint John — and I’m reaching for my Thesaurus for a synonym for impressed.

Although maybe that’s not quite the right word word, there.

Actually, neither’s embossed, one of the other options my thesaurus is offering … but that’s possibly a whole other post.

At any rate, I’ve just seen The Bells Of Saint John: and I liked it … !


But let me try to summarize what I’ve seen, tonight.

The Bells Of Saint John picks up some time after the events of The Snowmen and Asylum of the Daleks: and shows us an eleventh Doctor who’s quietly gone into retreat in a thirteenth century Cumbrian monastery: where he’s been nickname ‘the mad monk’ by his fellows.

Until one day … ?

His brother monks alert him to to the fact that the bells of the title are ringing.   The bell in question … ?   Being the ringer of the otherwise nonfunctional phone in the door of the TARDIS*.

The woman phoning … ?

Is the modern world version of the women the Doctor’s been grieving for: Clara Oswald.

Clara’s having trouble with her wi-fi connectionº.   As are quite a few other people in London.

Seemingly, and as we’re told by an unnamed trapped member of the public in the pre-title teaser, people’s souls are being kidnapped, over the Wifi signal that pervades the UK.


Now … ?

Was I impressed … ?

You know, I have no idea: I do know my thesaurus — at least the rather fine one that comes with Snow Leopard — isn’t given me any help.

At any rate … ?   I’ve got to admit to having thoroughly enjoyed The Bells Of Saint John.   OK, granted, it wasn’t perfect.

But I think tha Steven Moffat, as head writer and show-runner has finally hit his stride: not only has he and the crew given us a perfect bit of rebooting to this half of season seven — certainly on a par with Partners In Crime, the season four opener, and another nice romp of an entertaining episode — it’s ALSO given us a surprise — possibly — re-appearance of the Great Intelligence: voiced this time by Richard E. Grant and the villain behind the piece.

I’m just hoping that’ll be a theme for the rest of the season.

The Woman Twice Dead

The Woman Twice Dead … Again
There Is No Spoon … 
The Doctor And Clara
 Moving on, slightly, here … ?

And more of a PS to the main post … ?

The BBC have officially announced that both David Tennant and Billie Piper are to reprise their roles — as the Tenth Doctor and Rose, respectively — for the fiftieth anniversary special, later this year.

Quite how that’ll turn out, I’m not sure: although I must admit to a touch of disappointment.

After all, multiple doctor stories have been done before … 

Still … Here’s hoping … !

*        The MacKenzie Trench designed Metropolitan Police boxes that the TARDIS prop is modelled on have a Saint Johns Ambulance logo on them: I’m not sure, but I believe that means the first aid box in the thing were supplied by — or met the standards of — the Saint John Ambulance brigade.   You can see how a monk could get confused … 

º        Couldn’t you just STRANGLED BT … … ?

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