Saturday, 18 May 2013

Dr Who — Series 7 Part 2: The Name Of The Doctor


Oh, well, THERE’S a thing … !

I have to admit, I’m like a lot of people I’ve met, over the years: I like backing up DVDs.

What’s more, I like having a way of getting those DVDs.

And, while I’ve got tonight’s episode of Dr Who gently ripping to my hard-drive … ?   I thought I should let you know that the latest version of HandBrake.

At ANY rate … ?

At ANY rate, that’s not quite what I was going to tell you about.

No … 

I was going to tell you about … … 


Just in case you hadn’t been sent one of the accidentally early release DVDs of the complete series 7  … ?

The Name Of The Doctor is the finale to Series 7 of the rebooted Dr Who: it sees Clara being contacted — in a telepathic conference call — by Madame Vastra, who’s also brought Jenny, Strax … 

And River Song, herself, to the do.

Seemingly, the Doctor’s greatest secret is under threat: and that his greatest secret is at the one place a time-traveller should never go.

His own tomb … 

At Trenzalore … 

And unfortunately?  The Doctor soon realises that’s the one place he has to go: in order to the Paternoster Row gang: it’s the only right and proper thing to do, as they’ve cared so well for him.

Of course they get rescued.

And of course, the Doctor’s under threat.   His tomb, a slowly sickening TARDIS, contains his entire timeline as a scar on the fabric of space time.

A scar that only one woman can enter in order to repeatedly rescue him.


Now … 

Did I thoroughly enjoy this episode … ?

I think I can safely say “Yes”.   Now I now Steven Moffat’s had his critics, whilst in post as the shows head, over the years: although I personally feel he’s been given an unnecessarily hard time with it.

With The Name Of The Doctor, though … ?

I feel that whatever you may say about him, he’s turned in a fantastic series seven conclusion: and while he may not have suppled EVERY answers … ?

He HAS managed to give us a BARNSTORMING cliff-hanging … !

Enjoy the six month wait, folks … !


Debbi said...

I have to say I enjoyed the episode, thoroughly, and I'm looking forward to what's coming up! :)

I do enjoy any episode with River, I must confess!

Not to mention that warrior fellow, who's egg-shaped and whose name has slipped my mind. My brain is like a sieve! :-O

I hope you'll check out my blog tomorrow or today. Monday. :)

Nik Nak said...

I wouldn’t worry, Debbi, you should see mine, sometimes … !

And, yes, I know who you mean: Strax!!

He bags some of the best lines … !