Thursday, 30 May 2013

WarHorse: Now That’s Emotional … !

You know, it HAS to be said, I’ve had quite the afternoon, today.

No, really … !

Bless, it was my mother’s birthday, just recently.

And as an extra treat … ?

Anna and ruth, my two sisters, decided to organise a cheap an cheerful afternoon out.

Well …

Cheapish: we ARE talking London, after-all …

Hmmm … 

At ANY rate, they managed to treat us all to a family afternoon out: to a matinee performance of Warhorse, at the New London Theatre.


Set during World War 1, and based on the Michael Morpurgo novel of the same name, Warhorse tells the story of Joey — a young colt originally wanted as a draft horse — and his owner: a young farm boy called Arthur Narracott.

And follows they tale as Joey from his taming and training as a plough-horse: and eventually selling to the British Army … 

And his surviving the brutal madness of World War One, after having his rider — Major Nicholls — shot off him, in a charge at a machine gun nest.


Now, I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed this, I really did.

The show is riveting, and kept me in my seat for some 160 minutes.

What’s more … ?

What’s more it’s a show whose stars — the puppet horses you’ve heard so much about —  are the most watchable things in it.

Can I suggest you go see this show … ?

It will repay you …

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