Friday, 1 November 2013

A BT Spam Warning

OK, SLIGHTLY weird experience, here.

I’m actually using my SPARE machine: a late 1990s vintage G4 Mac, running Tiger.

JUST in case you’re interested … !

Not that that’s why I’m writing.

I actually thought it best to let you now I’ve had a spam email.

Yes, I know, happens all the time.

But this one in particular … ?

Claimed to be from my broadband, BT provider.

Thankfully … ?   Well, thankfully, I’d made sure I’d kept my last BT billing mail: I’ve had one of these emails, before, and kept my genuine bill, so I had something to compare any more fakes to.

I’m ALSO thankful Safari has a rather good phising filter: which warned me that the link in the mail was a dodgy one.

At ANY rate … ?

At any rate, I thought it best to put up a screen shot: just to let my fellow BT users know: “Keep Your Eyes Peeled … !”   And ALSO let you know, you can forward the spam to

So you know.

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