Tuesday, 26 November 2013

About The Aerial: It’s WORKS … !

You’ll excuse my getting a little vernacular, won’t you?

I hope so.

At … 

F*cking … 

LAST … !

We now have a functioning — partially — aerial.

Thank GODS for that … !


I’d best try and sum things up, hadn’t I … ?

A few weeks ago, now, people in the building I live in who use Sky TV’s service, lost their TV signal: as result of damage, it was assumed, of the Saint Jude’s Day Storm on the 28th October, this year.

The Sky signal was lost.

But not the Freeview, free-to-air, signal.

Last Tuesday, we were visited by a contractor — from Rushbrooke Installations, as it turned out — whose’s job it was to check what, if anything, was wrong.   (I should add that I know it was Rushbrooke, as the van’s livery stuck in my mind: the acronym on it, and the van who visited, today, were both identical, and spelt out the name of a well known supermarket.)

Whatever he chap DID, caused all the residents in the building to lose their TV signals: Freeview, as Well as Sky.

I didn’t realise what had happened, at first: the fact a neighbour knocked on my door to tell me she’d lost her TV signal: and ask what had happened to mine.  

It didn’t take long for us to ask around the few other neighbours who were in, to see what had happened to their signal.

And to phone up our landlords, and housing officers, to start complaining.

I’m thankful we did.

Because the repair job was immediately arranged for Thursday 21st.

But couldn’t go ahead.

Because the repair team didn’t have enough scaffolding to reach the roof.

THAT got a collective scream of frustration from people.

However, after phoning our landlords, we were assured that the team would be back on the Monday: with the correct kit: a cherry picker, that the team could use to access the roof.

To be fair, the team got her, at rough half past nine, yesterday morning.

However … ?

Oh, Boy!

However, they STILL couldn’t get to the aerial: as the person who’s car was blocking access for the cherry picker couldn’t be found … !


What they eventually did was leave a note with for the cars owner, and a message with a neighbour, and the intention of coming back, today, to complete the work.

They did.

I NOW have a TV … with an incoming SIGNAL!


I’m one of the lucky ones.

Because I had a quick chat with the head workman who was here,

It seems the ‘normal’ Freeview signal had been lost, as the cable from the UHF (freeview) aerial to the junction box had been damaged by rainwater.

That the Sky signal had been lost, as the Sky dish had shifted in the wind.

And that — since the storm and until last Tuesday — those of us who had been receiving Freeview had done so, as the Freeview signal had been picked up via the shifted. but otherwise undamaged, Sky dish.

It seems that — for some reason — three flats* had some sort of shorting problem: and they were three flats he and his team couldn’t trace, as the cables were unmarked.

Understandably, those who are still without, won’t be happy.


Now … 

How am I feeling about this … ?

Frankly, mixed.

I’ll happily confess, I’m happy to find myself with a signal.

I always try and stay in touch with people: both friends and family.

But not working does lead to a certain amount of isolation: and I rely — as I think many do — on a TV set as a form of company.   Being able to hear another human voice is rather reassuring.

On top of that … ?

One or two of my neighbours feel some form of compensation would be a good thing.

I can’t say that I’d phrase it, quite that way,

And I’m very aware that a broken aerial isn’t a life-threatening issue.

I DO think, though, that some show of good will should be shown to us by Circle Anglia.

We do, after all, pay a service charge‡ for communal services like cleaning, repairs, and communal maintenance.

Additionally, Im, and everybody else in the building, is paying a TV license.   For the past week, we’ve ALL had to pay that: because, of course, it’s the TV that the license is due on.

We’ve ALL wasted that money, owning a TV set we couldn’t use.

On top of THAT … !

On top of that, some of my neighbours have bought portable aerials: so they can at least watch SOMETHING.   Others, like me, have used catch-up services to watch TV: and I would ALSO assume, have used up quite a lot of broadband allowance.

All in … ?

All in, I don’t know if my neighbours and me are owed compensation.

I do think some form of good will gesture, to cover those costs, would be appreciated.

Cash for preference.

*        I now know that one of those flats is the one above me.

‡        I realise I get benefits: so don’t pay that, while I’m out of work.   Mine’s paid by the government: however, that means you, the taxpayer, complain to Circle Anglia.

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