Friday, 22 November 2013

The Friday Question Set — 22-11-2013

Hmmm … 

Hmmm … !

You know, I still — STILL — have no functioning aerial: along with everyone else in the building.

This is despite the fact we’ve all been told it would be seen fixed, yesterday.

Personally … ?

Personally, I don’t think I’ve iPlayered this much TV, ever … !

Saying that, however good the service, it’s no substitute for a working aerial.

Still … 

Onwards and upwards.

Well … when the bloody thing gets fixed!


At ANY rate, that’s not why you’re here.

Not really … !

After all, today’s a Friday: which means it’s time for the Friday Question Set, covered by the usual Creative Commons License* …
Online 229
Q1) What was Paul Young’s only UK No. 1, in 1983?
A1) Wherever I Lay My Hat.
Q2) How many players are on a cricket field, in total, during normal play?
Q2) 13.
Q3) What fruit comes from the Rose?
A3) The Rosehip.
Q4) What gas is present in fizzy drinks, either alcoholic, or non?
A4) Carbon Dioxide.
Q5) Which of Shakespeare’s character’s delivers the famous “To be or not be…” monologue? (Extra point for the rest of the line.)
A5) Hamlet. (“…that is the question.”)   (THAT is going to confuse the HELL out of someone … !)
Q6) The Harlem Globetrotters are famous in which sport?
A6) Basketball.
Q7) Who’s older, Richard Branson or William Hague?
A7) Richard Branson.
Q8) Stamp duty is usually paid on the sale of what?
A8) A house.
Q9) Where is the Ceremony of the Keys usually held, each night?
A9) The Tower of London.
Q10) Who wears a Chasuble.
A10) A priest.
Q11) Rennet is used in the making of cheese. But from what part of the cow is it usually made; – the stomach, the hooves, or the horns?
A11) The Stomach.
Q12) What sort of drink is Volvic?
A12) Mineral water.
Q13) What’s the other name for Thiamin?
A13) Vitamin B1.
Q14) What sort of nut goes into Pesto: pine nuts, peanuts or almonds?
A14) Pine nuts.
Q15) Wormwood goes into which notoriously powerful drink, absinthe, or tequila?
A15) Absinthe.
Q16) In which famous restaurant did the French chef Escoffier begin his career?
A16) The Moulin Rouge.
Q17) What do the Chinese call ‘Lively Fellows’?
A17) Chop Sticks.
Q18) What is a Blue Vinney?
A18) A cheese. (Not a footballing hard-man.)
Q19) Morel & Oyster are edible types of what?
A19) Mushrooms.
Q20) Which fruit can be cantaloupe, water, or honeydew?
A20) A melon.
Q21) COMMUNICATION’ comes from a Latin word that means ‘to’ … what: share, talk or listen?
A21) Share.
Q22) In which Russian City is the TASS newsagency based?
A22) Moscow.
Q23) What’s another name for the Timeline service?
A23) The Speaking Clock.
Q24) dB is the symbol for what well know measure of volume?
A24) Decibels.
Q25) How many bits are there, in a byte?
A25) 8.
Q26) Which Russian word means ‘speaking aloud’?
A26) Glasnost.
Q27) How does one address a female mayor?
A27) Madam Mayor.
Q28) What does the V stand for, in DVD stand for?
A28) Either Video, or Versatile!
Q29) What A–road links London with East Anglia?
A29) The A12.
Q30) What type of device was the first to be programmed by punch cards?
A30) The Loom. (The Jacquard Loom, in point of fact.) 
Q31) I Could Be So Good For You was the theme tune to which TV show?
A31) Minder.
Q32) Caroline Ahearne was the star of Mrs Merton, and which other comedy show?
A32) The Royale Family.
Q33) What’s the name of the BBC’s online catch-up service?
A33) iPlayer.
Q34) Complete the following line from The Two Ronnies: “It’s goodnight from me…”
A34) “…and it’s Goodnight from him.”
Q35) Lynda LaPlante created, and Helen Mirrim played, which TV detective?
A35) Jane Tennyson.
Q36) Barnacle Bill is the theme tune to which long–running children’s TV show?
A36) Blue Peter.
Q37) Which former Monty Python star tried copying Phineas Fogg, for a TV travel documentary?
A37) Michael Palin. (In Around The World In 80 Days.)
Q38) Which gameshow did Jim Bowen present?
A38) Bullseye.
Q39) Which James bond actor found fame in the 60s TV version of The Saint?
A39) Roger Moore.
Q40) Which TV detective worked for Radio West?
A40) Eddie Shoestring.
Q41) Which Scottish MP took part in Celebrity Big Brother?
A41) George Galloway.
Q42) In 2004, which Aussie Shane took 500 wickets?
A42) Shane Warne.
Q43) What mammal was washed up in the Thames, in 2006?
A43) A whale.
Q44) Who stood down as Liberal Democrat leader?
A44) Charles Kennedy.
Q45) Was 2006 Golden Globe winner, “Brokeback Mountain”, a documentary, or a Western?
A45) A western.
Q46) One of the host’s of Channel Four’s show, Countdown, died in 2005: who was he?
A46) Richard Whitely.
Q47) Who became England’s youngest footballer, in 2003?
A47) Wayne Rooney.
Q48) Which tennis playing Greg was cleared of using the banned substance, Nandralone, in 2004?
A48) Greg Rusedski.
Q49) Which Ruth succeeded Charles Clarke, as the Governments Education Secretary?
A49) Ruth Kelly.
Q50) Who did David Cameron beat, to become Tory party leader?
A50) David Davies.
Q51) Is BST ahead of, or behind, GMT?
A51) Ahead.
Q52) What’s notable about the staff & patients of the Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital?
A52) They’re all women.
Q53) How many valves does a Bugle have?
A53) None.
Q54) What part of the human anatomy shares its name with a punctuation mark?
A54) The Colon.
Q55) How long must a person be dead for, before qualifying for a Blue Plaque?
A55) 20 years.
Q56) Which US state is also known as the Gopher State, Minnesota, New Jersey, or New Mexico?
A56) Minnesota.
Q57) The Ngultrum is the unit of Currency in which Himalayan country?
A57) Bhutan.
Q58) The USA declared war on which country, after the bombing of Pearl Harbour?
A58) Japan.
Q59) Who’s the father of actress Jamie Lee Curtis?
A59) Tony Curtis.
Q60) Chris Cairns is associated with which sport?
A60) Cricket.
Enjoy those: I’ll catch you later … 

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