Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Daily Teaser — 6-11-2013

You know, that looks like a story that’s going to run, for a while.

You may or may not know it, but September, next year, sees Scotland voting on whether or not it should become independent.

Where it’s causing problems … ?   Is on the banks of the Clyde, as it goes through Glasgow: there’s a couple of big shipyards, there, and a matching one in Portsmouth, on England’s south coast.

Their owner, BAE Systems, has announced it’s to make cuts.

Of course, everybody in Government, and at BAE, are treading carefully: one wrong move, and what’s left of the UK’s Royal Navy will have its next batch of frigates built in a foreign country.

Makes you think, doesn’t it … ?


Moving on … 

Yesterday’s Teaser saw Debbi* just dropping in to say ‘Hi,’ as her hand was playing up.

So let’s if she — and you — are feeling up to today’s questions, shall we?

Here they are, along with the ‘How To,’ License and video … 

Q1) 6th November, 1986, saw forty-five oil works die in a helicopter crash: off the coast of which country of the UK … ?
Q2) 6th November, 1944, saw the Hanford Atomic Facility be the first place to produce which explosive metal … ?
Q3) 6th November, 1995, saw the Rova of Antananarivo destroyed by fire.   The historic palace had been home of the Kings of which island?
Q4) 6th November, 2012, saw the death of actor, Clive Dunn: in which popular series did he play Corporal Jones … ?
Q5) Finally … 6th November, 1991, saw the last oil well fire put out, after the First Gulf War.   In which country … ?
Here’s yesterday’s Gunpowder questions and answers …
Q1) 5th November saw Guy Fawkes arrested as he was attempting to blow up which House of Parliament … ?
A1) The House Of Lords.
Q2) Fawkes was famously part of the Gunpowder Plot.   Gunpowder being a mixture of sulphur, charcoal and what: potassium fulminate, potassium hydroxide or potassium nitrate?
Q3) Gunpowder is used to fire guns: and fireworks.   What’s the usual English name of the vertical, revolving, wheel-shaped firework?
A3) The Saint Catherine’s Wheel.   (The largest ever set off, at the time of writing, was on Malta, in 2011.)
Q4) The firework known as a Bengal Fire are usually what colour: red, blue or white … ?
A4) Blue.
Q5) Gunpowder was invented in 9th century … where … ?
A5) China.
Q6) Fawkes and his fellow plotters were trying to overthrow which English king … ?
A6) James 1st.
Q7) Who lead the Gunpowder Plot … ?
Q8) Finally … who, on Bonfire Night, does an old song encourage us to ‘poke in the eye’ … ?
I’ll leave you with this slightly Zen thought from Thandie Newton …
“When I am out and about I feel watched. It’s become second nature. The only time I get to be private is in my work. That is when I liberate the ego. The blessed-out sensation of liberating the ego.”
Thandie Newton, born 6th November, 1971.
And with this song … 

Have a good day

*        Yeah, you mentioned, Debbi: I can only hope it’s feeling easier, today!   (I’m also sending you a metaphorical hug, ok … ?)

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Debbi said...

Thanks, Paul! I'm hanging in there, best I can.

1. Scotland
2. plutonium
3. Madagascar
4. Dad's Army
5. Kuwait

I'll be doing some posts this week that I hope you'll read. Friday's in particular will have some interesting bonus clips, I think. Stuff I found on YouTube that just caught my eye! :)