Saturday, 23 November 2013

The Day Of The Doctor: Geekboy Heaven … !

You know, there’s REALLY only so much bandwidth a boy can waste: ESPECIALLY considering the fact that the aerial junction box in the block of flats I live in is knackered.

Given that … ?

Given that, I’ve been caning the limited amount of data I have: in a VERY unhelpful way, as well.

However … ?

I’ve just come away from seeing The Day Of The Doctor, via the BBC’s iPlayer service*.

And, while I think the 50th Anniversary episode isn’t perfect … ?

It’s a DAMN impressive piece of event drama: and something we won’t see for a few more years.


To try and briefly summarize … ?

The Day Of The Doctor sees Matt Smiths eleventh Doctor — yes, I still think of him that way — meeting Clara: just as the TARDIS is heli-napped by UNIT and taken UNIT’s HQ under the Tower of London.

And taken to view artwork that includes orders from an old flame: Elizabeth 1st.

Seemingly … ?

Seemingly the Virgin Queen need’s her husband’s help with a rather awkward Zygon problem.

She’s ends up with not only the Tenth Doctor — David Tennant — but with the Eleventh Doctor — who’d jumped through a time fissure to help his former self — but also the hither-to unseen War Doctor: played by John Hurt.

He … ?   He’s been sent through time to see what his future holds, by ‘The Moment’, the Time Lords last great weapon: sent so that the Moment — played by Billie Piper — can show him the consequences of destroying both Timelords and Daleks will be … 


Now … 

Not perfect … ?

Possibly not: although I’m damned if I could put a finger on how.

The Day Of The Doctor is a very entertaining watch, and one I, as a fan, can find no fault with.

I’m VERY aware it’s going to keep fans — and hopefully general viewers — happy for years: both in the amount of geeky references, and ‘guest appearences’ from every preceding Doctor.

And a brief view from Peter Capaldi’s 12th, as well.

AND from Tom Baker, as ‘The Curator’.

Nice touch, that … !


It’s ALSO done something else.

In one throwaway line from a character called The General, the episode mentions that we see all thirteen Doctors.

Now, I’m wondering if that means Capaldi’s Twelfth — I’m still not sure how to count Hurt’s War Doctor — will be the last.

But I DO know this: with the re-appearence of Gallifrey, the Time Lords are back.

I believe this means things could go in all sorts of directions.

*        My family’s recording the after-party on BBC for me: when I said I’ve been caning my broadband limits, I wasn’t kidding.

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